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Thread: Sweetest RAOK ever!

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    Sweetest RAOK ever!

    I recently bought a 200x castle from a gentleman online for my son's birthday. We were chatting via the Ebay message system and I told him I was also looking for a Panthor, which was one of the two items my son said he REALLY wanted. Long story short I received my package and inside was a note saying Happy Birthday and he also sent my son Panthor. Seriously, how sweet is that? I am so thankful there are still good people in the world, they renew my faith on a constant basis <3

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    3 or 4 times I sold some figures to another member (drawing a blank off hand. may it was Dice) and each time I would include cheap dollar store action figures in it. Don't think I added candy.

    Why? why not?

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