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Thread: Lots of Photos to Scan. Suggestions?

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    Lots of Photos to Scan. Suggestions?

    I have 2000-3000 family photos that I want to get digitized. A couple of years back, I got a good Epson photo scanner that does great, but the time needed to complete this is something I don't have. I thought about doing it a little at a time, but here I am with only a fraction of them completed. is enticing. I don't mind spending the money to get this done. My only concern is keeping the grouping/order of the photos as they were in the albums. I talked with local service companies, and they can keep them in order, but they are over double the cost of the online services.

    Does anyone have any experience with Scan Cafe or other services? What about other options that I'm not thinking about?
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    nope.. I plan on doing it the old fashion slow way. eventually they will all get done. I now have folders on my computer for every year from 1950-2014. sooner or later I will get them all done....
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