I've been since i collected back issues in the 80s 30 years ago thanks to seeing the movie (which i liked BTW and a guilty pleasure for me) as i enjoyed them as they were fun satirical Marvel comics with a quality sense of humor and ideas, Gerber was a genius when he created the character and one of my fave Marvel heroes.

I'd love to see Marvel do a new Howard film, ever since that cameo at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, one of Marvel's funniest and weirdest characters Howard The Duck could be given another chance on film and his cameo stunned fans of the anthro character from the Steve Gerber comic and made a comeback in Lego Marvel and Marvel comics.

It can be called Marvel's Howard: A New Species of Hero! It can star Emma Watson as Beverly Switzler and The Ringmaster can be the villain, Seth Green can reprise his voice role with WETA doing the effects. Who can play The Ringmaster?

It can have a cameo by Ant-Man or some other Marvel character! And the film can be a bit like Deadpool in it's deadpan sense of humor and all. Maybe also have him in Guardians 3 be nice with Silver Surfer.

I mean if the original film was considered a failure (even though it's a guilty pleasure of mine) since it came out in the wrong time for comic films just like how the Fox Daredevil film was considered a failure (but good in it's director's cut which is better than the butchery) as Fox gave back the rights to Daredevil to Marvel Studios as Marvel made people like Daredevil better as much as Fox made Deadpool likable than Wolverine Origins then Marvel/Disney can make Howard likable again even have James Gunn-co write the script and have a talented comedy director who is a fan of the source material for the job. And if audiences accepted a talking raccoon, maybe this duck is next.