I am looking for a site or sites that have complete or near complete list of all of the non-figure produced media for Transformers and Gobots. I.E. Books, VHS, Magazines, Viewmaster, etc. I am hoping there are some .org like sites out there because I am trying to collect all of the 80's English produced books and other content that was made for Transformers and Gobots that wan not the Sunbow Cartoon/Movie (TF), Hanna-Barbera Cartoon(Gobots), and the non Marvel Comics books. I have a rough idea of what is out their but really need some titles to help narrow down finding stuff produced for the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and any other English speaking countries.

Examples of what I am looking for:
VHS: TF Kid Stuff See & Read video or Gobots Golden book videos
Books: TF Marvel Books(same company but not comics), Western publishing Gobots/Robo Machine books, & Kid stuff books, records, & cassettes

I am hoping there are sites out there the list thing as thoroughly as we have here for MOTU and POP.

Thank You all in Advance!