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Thread: What's your latest non MOTU toy/item score?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piccolo Daimaoh View Post
    I've been trying to get that Shogun Warriors Godzilla on and off since I got a real job in 2001. Just never seemed to be in the right place at the right time. He is one impressive peice. Congrats.
    Thanks, man. You'll get yours some day. All it takes is a little perserverance and a little dough.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexx View Post
    Hmm...loose grip. Odd for Transformers, but I can usually work around that. I just like collecting the skeleton/skull themed ones like Bludgeon or Animated Oil Slick (even if the skull was just on his cycle form or shoulder). Skullgrin has a cool skull-like head and he's got a great color scheme, but I've heard some things about his transformation being tasking and the overall result (in robot form) being kinda wobbly. Any truth to that?
    Yeah, it is a bit wobbly. And the transformation took me a bit to get. But I blame that on the lame instructions. I wish they put written instructions on these damn things like they did in the old days. It took me about 5 extra minutes of fumbling around to get the transformation right.

    I got my newest revoltech addition: 1967 Gyaos! It's pretty sweet with tons of accessories!

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