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I got the TFC Hercules Exgraver today (3rd Party Transformers Scavenger).

It is huge. I'm not sure if it is worth the $80 because the transformation is very simple but if TFC can manage to release the rest then Hercules (Devastator) is going to be massive combined
I thought I should post some pics;

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Man I never find anything at TJ Maxx, it always looks like a nuclear bomb went off with crap everywhere

I picked these up the same time I did the Voltron above (from the same seller), I am missing 2 figures but this was such an underrated toyline!


I have had a lot of playsets over the years, Ft.Kerium had to be the most complex one I think I have ever put together (took me 2hrs) but its impressive on display so it was worth it
That looks so nice. I never got the toys but I have always loved the designs and the cartoon.

I would be over the moon if somehow these could be added to MOTUC