I got some pretty sweet stuff come in this weekend. First I got Amazing Spider-Man #37 that features the first appearance of Norman Osborn (a.k.a. the Green Goblin). Now we've seen the Green Goblin before in earlier issues but this is the first time that his alter ego Norman Osborne is depicted. The story has Mendel Stromm (1st appearance as well) released from a 10-year prison term and he vows revenge on Norman Osbourne whom he blames for his incarceration as well as stealing his inventions. Stromm begins immediately to construct robots he sends to destroy Norman Osborne's factory and office. Spider-Man grapples with the inventor's constructs and follows one back to Stromm's hideout to continue the battle. Stromm is eventually defeated but Spider-Man's spider-sense activates in time for Spidey to push Stromm out of the way of an assassin's bullet before Stromm could reveal a secret about Norman Osborne. Spidey attempts to follow the would-be assassin but he has vanished. Spidey returns to Stromm only to find out that he has died of a heart attack.

I got my earliest X-Men issue as well in the form of #13 which features the second appearance of my favorite Marvel villain, the Juggernaut! Hell bent on killing his stepbrother,Charles Xavier, the Juggernaut destroys all of Professor X's defenses and walks through every one of the X-Men's individual powers. He even breaks every single device in the X-Men's Danger Room on his mission of revenge. Professor X, in desperation, calls on the Human Torch for aid. Then he concocts a plan to remove the Juggernaut's helmet so that his mental powers can shut down Cain Marko's brain. Even after that action, the Juggernaut still moves forward until eventually succumbing to the inevitable. Professor X then erases the Torch's memory and Jean Grey plays nurse to the rest of the injured X-Men.

Then I got Uncanny X-Men #40 which has the first appearance of Frankenstein's Monster. An arctic expedition discovers the frozen body of the Frankenstein Monster and an overzealous scientist proceeds to melt the ice to study the creature. When asked what if the creature is still alive, the scientist replies, "Alive? Impossible!". Smart. Professor X dispatches the X-Men in order to prove his theory that although the Monster isn't a mutant, he believes his creator was and needs the creature to confirm this belief. Well, the X-Men battle the Monster who goes on a rampage immediately after being released from his icy imprisonment. It's only when Iceman uses his powers that the attack proves effective. As the monster continues to struggle against the ice powers the strain proves too much and he explodes. Professor X reveals that after examining the Monster's "mind", it was in fact an android built by aliens from a tropical planet and thus susceptible to cold temperatures.

The last comic I received was Uncanny X-Men #59. This comic has Larry Trask, son of Bolivar Trask (the original creator of the Sentinels), prisoner of the Sentinels after they discover that he is a mutant. The Sentinels continue their mission of capturing mutants by wrangling Quicksilver, Unus the Untouchable, Mastermind, the Scarlet Witch, Toad and the Blob. Cyclops, Beast and Marvel Girl break into the Sentinels' stronghold and confuse them by dressing up as Quicksilver (Cyclops), Scarlet Witch (Marvel Girl) and Toad (Beast). Making their way to where Havok and other mutants are being held captive, they are quickly outnumbered. Realizing that they must use logic to defeat the Sentinels, Cyclops convinces them that the source of mutation is solar radiation. Therefore, the Sentinels must protect humanity by destroying the sun. All Sentinels then proceed to fly towards the sun and the captives are released.

Plus I got the K-mart exclusive AT-ST Vintage box release.