I just got in Uncanny X-Men #17 in the mail today. This issue has the X-Men recuperating in a hospital tending to wounds they incurred during their battle with Sentinels last issue. Iceman is unconscious and delirous while Beast has an injured foot. However, Professor X senses something amiss and sends Angel back to the X-Mansion to investigate where he is promptly defeated by an unknown assailant. Worried about losing mental contact with Angel, Professor X urges Cyclops to accompany him back to the mansion. There they too are rendered unconscious by the unseen foe. Finally Marvel Girl convinces the newly healed Beast that something is wrong and they head to the mansion as well where they are also beaten. Angel's parents show up at the door to the mansion for a surprise visit and are greeted by the deadliest X-Foe of all, Magneto the Master of Magnetism freshly returned from his intergalactic journey after being abducted by The Stranger in issue #11.