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Thread: New Adventures loose figures for sale

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    New Adventures loose figures for sale

    I have the following figures for sale, loose. Some come with accessories and a few are in right out of the package condition as I purchased some of these figures carded and then opened them. Soon I will have everything sorted and will know for sure which figures have what accessories, as well as have pictures, but for now here's what I have:

    Hydron (some accessories)
    Slush head
    Lizorr* ON HOLD
    Spinwit (some accessories)
    Karatti* ON HOLD
    Thunder Punch He-Man (some accessories) SOLD
    Tuskador (some accessories)SOLD
    Nocturna (some accessories)

    *Figures that were carded and I opened, these figures are in the best condition and come complete.

    I would like to sell as a lot, but will sell individually if no one makes an offer. I'm not sure what to charge so I'll consider all serious and fair offers. Thankyou.
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    I have lots of MOTU figures from every line as well as all BCI/Eclipse dvd sets for sale in the marketplace.

    dvd sets -
    NA figures -
    carded Dragon Blaster Skeltor and carded stilt stalkers -

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