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LOL! Vintage variants, 200X variants, NA variants, POP variants and Filmation variants? Soon they'll have to increase the number of variants past quarterly...

We only have 24 slots for variants, if the line is planned up until 2017.

Crossing off :
  1. Thunder Punch He-Man
  2. Flying Fist He-Man
  3. NA He-Man
  4. Ice Armor He-Man
  5. Snake Armor He-Man
  6. 200X He-Man
  7. Dragon Blaster Skeletor
  8. Terror Claws Skeletor
  9. NA Skeletor
  10. Disks of Doom Skeletor
  11. Battle Blade Skeletor
  12. 200X Evil-Lyn
  13. 200X Adam
  14. Captain Randor
  15. 200X Sorceress
  16. Bubble Power She-Ra
  17. Starburst She-Ra
  18. Scratchin Sound Catra
  19. Shower Power Catra

We have five more slots. Add in the Laser He-Man and Skeletor variants and we'll have 3 more. Buzzsaw Hordak will reduce the list down to two more left.
I would also add Style Guide King Randor to the list. Since we're finally completing the royal family with Queen Marlena, it would be nice to also complete the FILMATION version of the family with Randor.