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Thread: Interest in vintage-scaled figures with heads that can be added to Classics figures?

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    Interest in vintage-scaled figures with heads that can be added to Classics figures?

    When Super7 releases its vintage-scaled line of newly sculpted Masters of the Universe figures, this could be a huge opportunity for Classics fans! Super7 would only need to design the heads with the same peg system used in the MOTU Classics line, so we can take off the new heads and put them on our favorite Classics figures! It could absolutely be done without sacrificing any of the vintage aesthetic.

    This would be a big encouragement for Classics collectors to buy into the new line. It would also allow for new vintage-styled figures to be packaged with second heads, giving us more display options for both the Classics figures and the new vintage-scaled figures.

    What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this feature added to these new figures?

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    Good idea....

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    Mixed feelings about this tbh....

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    I can't see the appeal, sorry. I'd always treat them as separate lines, and my willingness to collect something new would be influenced purely by the aesthetic of that product.

    In fact I'd probably be more put out than anything. It wouldn't be quite as bad as the buy-one-for-the-price-of-two TRU figures, but it's the same principle.
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    I can see no problem with designing the heads to be compatible as long as it doesn't detract from the ascetics of the vintage scale figures.
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    Interesting idea. I'm not opposed to it. Like was said above as long as it does not take away from the figures themselves.

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    I see no reason why it couldn't be done without sacrificing any of the vintage aesthetic. Of course these will be newly sculpted figures. Also no reason why the paints couldn't match those used with the Classics figures. So the red of Mekaneck's helmet, for example, could match Mekaneck's Classics head. Perhaps the paints would match loser on some figures than others.

    Just think of the possibilities! Vintage figures with more than one head to display them with. Fans would likely want to buy two or three of each of them, to display MOC, and to display with each of the different heads, and to display their Classics figures with the new heads. Super7 could sell a ton of these figures that way.

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    Not a good idea.

    With Classics already teetering on cancellation, trying to trick Classics customers into buying a different product just to get a pack-in head wouldn't go over well.
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    I'm more excited about the upcoming "vintage" line than I am about upcoming MOTUC. That said, the appeal to me is in getting new figures that feel like vintage figures. And the fact that they have Flying Fists He-Man style leg joints over the black bands has me even more stoked.

    But what you are suggesting would detract from them looking like vintage MOTU figures. I'd be out if they don't leave them as is. Adding a leg joint over the black bands was the only change needed.
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    conceivably I'm all for it. I am kind of curious how the OP imagines this to be implemented. Entirely new characters with heads that can be used, what, on customs of the Classics line? If they are unique characters I'd rather just get a Classics version than a "vintage" style version with a second Classics compatible head. A modern interpretation of a vintage head that can be used on a Classics figure sounds cool conceptually and point in fact I was just posting about this elsewhere about Jitsu, but then are we talking an unrelated head coming with a figure, or reissues of vintage figures? I just dont know.

    I'm excited to see new "vintage" characters and that is a super cool idea...but for Classics just give me a classics version down the road, not just a head.

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    Here are the new Funko 5.5 inch Mortal Kombat figures, giving us an idea about what the head sculpts might look like on vintage-style Super7 MOTU figures. Imagine how cool it would be to pop the head off of a MOTU 5.5 figure and put it on your Classics figure! Or maybe even taking your Classics figure head and putting it on a 5.5 figure. Not a fan of a new head sculpt? Simply swap it out. At the very least we could be offered a Classics head pack using the new 5.5 sculpts.

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    No not interested. Leave classics as it is and leave vintage to be its own thing.
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