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Thread: Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 050 Discussion!

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    Wow, that Sweet Bee is just hot! I'd buy a figure in a heartbeat. Agree that 200X would fit it better, I love the 200X Buzz-Off, probably my favorite figure from the line.

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    PREFACE: I DO NOT say this with any ill-will or nastiness. It's supposed to be constructive.

    I wasn't going to mention this, but it has been bothering me.

    Eamon, for someone who surely has a lot to say when criticizing POP, it surprised me that you don't seem too familiar with the toys, the characters, their designs, or even the cartoon.

    I mean, Frosta is the Empress of the Kingdom of Snows. Now many people might not know that specifically, but as a RGD cast member, and an artist who has created beautiful MOTU art, it just surprises me that you didn't know that.

    It doesn't bother me that you're not as big a fan of POP, if you are one at all . That has never bothered me.

    What bothers me, a bit, is that you have a voice on RGD, and you're making judgment calls about characters and designs with which you don't seem to have a huge amount of familiarity. Those comments are heard by Scott, and while he certainly is capable of planning out the line by himself, he clearly listens to the community, and I would think to the RGD boys and girl.

    Again, your personal taste doesn't bother me, but when you talk, for example about how you can't understand how one rationalizes Sweet Bee, and you call her ridiculous, it just sounds ignorant.

    Sweet Bee is an alien.

    She is no more or less "ridiculous" looking than Buzz-Off or Spikor or Stratos (a giant monkey with wings on his wrists and a jet pack).

    I love all those characters and their designs. It's just very MOTU.

    MOTU ISN'T just about "battles, battles, battles, battles, fighting all the time..."

    It's about fighting, battles, magic, politics, families, relationships, intrigue, and a host of other plot devices and themes that make the mythos interesting.

    You don't have to like Sweet Bee's design. You don't have to like Frosta's design. I loved your idea of giving her icey armor... I kind of hope she comes with the crustaline hand, which was originally planned for the vintage toy. But the original design is absolutely beautiful, and THERE IS ROOM for beauty beyond what might give you a Red-Sonja-Esque cheap thrill in MOTUC.

    Listening to you can be so frustrating. Sometimes, most of the time, I TOTALLY agree with your ideas and comments. Then you'll say something that just throws me.

    Again, it isn't the issue of your not liking the POP designs, or characters. All I'd ask is that you try to remember that your opinion on these characters is not the be-all/end-all... Just try to remember the countless fans who do like the idea of having something in addition to the Frazetta inspired battle axe broad sword testosterone orgiastic component of MOTUC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodach View Post
    I'm saving this one for next week's plane ride to San Diego. It will make it go much faster
    Nice! Good idea, have fun at sdcc

    I recall somebody asking about what podcasts people listen to, of course I list to RGD, MOTU chronicles and Masters Cast, those are all great. The only other podcast I listen to regularly is called Star Joes, it's an awesome podcast about any of the 80s properties (including MOTU) and star wars. The two hosts are hilarious and pretty good dudes Nd hey discuss comics, toys, toons and movies
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    EPISODE 050
    Runtime: 2 hour, 40 minutes, 14 seconds
    There are no Collectibles, Fan Sites, nor Fan Arts of the Week for this episode.

    Your hosts: Val Staples, A.K.A. JVS3; Danielle Gelehrter, A.K.A. Penny Dreadful; "Pixel Dan" Eardley; and Eamon O'Donoghue.
    Discussion: lots of emails and voicemails!
    Interview: Scott Neitlich, A.K.A. Toyguru.
    Intro and outro song: "Kamikaze Sex Drive" by Autumn Diver!

    Items of Note:
    Roast Gooble Dinner podcast Appendix & Notations
    Doughnuts & Top Cow podcast Co-Host

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    I remember someone asking about NA figures you guys want and Sagitar came up, I cant wait for him either, hopefully we get him, but the one or more of the dinner hosts wanted him changed to look like a centaur (4 legs i'm assuming you meant), i think that would be bad and ruin the character/figure, he's an alien and meant to have 4 arms, and looks awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    I put a few of this in my post in this thread:
    MOTUC Most Wanted: Kayo, Vizar, Hoove, Lizorr

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