Hello guys,as promised, here is the final chapter of "he-man and the lanterns of the universe", this time with the fan requested "Black Lantern Scareglow" The figure was made mixing the visuals of the figures from the "blackest
night" as well as cues from the 200X version of Scareglow.The figure was then repackaged with a "blackest night" theme packaging, and its on the "bay" now for those interested.

The story continues where the Yellow lantern Skelly left it off, where a triumphant Skeletor has come to destroy castle Grayskull with the aid of the Yellow power ring, and the Sinestro corps. The power of the ring, combined
with Skeletor's magic are driving him into a power frenzy that almost no one will be able to stop!!

I want to thank everyone who has been really supportive with my creations and stories, they take a lot to be produced. but its made by a fan for the fans. Hope you enjoy it!

I will be taking a break since I want to leave all commissions finished before I head out to San Diego. See you at the con ( I will be wearing a black HKC T-shirt) and Hennessy's!

Here is the video and some images: