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Yeah, you're right.
It couldn't have simply been us joking around with the humorous generalizations this very community has created over the past couple of years to help ease tension.

To be honest, I do sometimes feel a little bit singled-out whenever you guys mention stuff about "keyboard warriors" and "sexism", mainly because I'm probably the person that some folks would strongly associate with the discussions that gave rise to those catchphrases/words.

I kind of have somewhat of an "icky" feeling whenever I hear that stuff, due to the fact that those same jokes were happening in the middle of me trying to discuss topics that were important to me, thus making the focus more about the jokes than the subjects at hand, and then I'm pretty sure those cracks were repeated between then and this podcast.

Maybe you guys and gals won't understand because you're not really "at the heart of" these discussions on Roast Gooble, so far as being the ones to originate a topic that didn't go so well and/or that turned into something humorous.

I guess I'm not really opposed to joking around once or twice about the same type of things, so long as all of you can handle being on the "receiving" end once in awhile as well, but I've found that's usually not the case. I mean, there were totally some joke-worthy moments that emerged over several months out the whole MVC vs Mattel debacle, but I dare not say anything because some folks couldn't even handle a little comparison that I made. Suddenly the mood changed and the sentiment was: "This is a serious topic that needs to be dropped. Don't go there." type of thing.