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Thread: MOTUC vs DC is DEAD!

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    MOTUC vs DC is DEAD!

    MOTUClassics.Com: Is Battle Armor Faker one of the six 2011 TRU MOTU/DC 2pks?

    It was one of the original six but at this point it will be the final pack as retailers have not ordered any additional packs and it looks like the line will end with this pack. The GL/Zodac and Supergirl/She-Ra packs should still hit before the end of the year now for a total of 5 packs. But the sixth pack will not move forward unfortunately. There just has not been enough interest from retailers to keep this line going. While we announced 6 packs and hoped to do 6, we could not find a retailer who would take the min order needed for the 6th pack.
    Maybe Mattel can sell the repaints separately from the DC figures? Here is the thread for that if you want Mattel to know that the MOTUC parts of the two packs can still have a home on!
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