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    I hate Teela being a clone. I'm of the belief that just because something has precedent or a previous incarnation in another medium, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

    Teela being a clone was something that was best left in the dustbin of MOTU history in my opinion. Same for the power sword being split and having to be reunited. Teela's father is one of two things in my opinion, A) It actually is Man-At-Arms or B) Just some unknown man who we need not dwell on anymore.

    On the topic of a Filmation He-Man in motuc, I'd be fine with a Filmation He-Man utilizing the classic buck. Change the wrist bands, belt, boots, colors, a new head, etc and it's good enough for me. Although I'd never say no to a 100% Filmation He-Man and Skeletor with all new tooling and stuff.

    Oh, and I'd like Black Star figures too. King Neptul and his mer-warriors would look great teamed up with Merman. I'd also like a Queen Taleena figure. He-Man could always use another bad-girl to fight. Maybe her and Marzo could hook-up.

    Hmm...looks like I need to pop my Blackstar dvds in and have a marathon tonight.
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