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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread July 2011

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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread July 2011

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for July 2011!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    Why Man-At-Arms Loin-Cloth & Boot Colours Were Green Instead Of Brown?

    Since the vintage figure had brown colour deco on on his shorts & boots, Why green colour was choosed on the MOTUC figure ?

    That is how the Horsemen designed the paint scheme and I believe it was based on the original cross sell art, but I will need to check with them.
    Selling Non-Sub TRU variant MOTUC singles on Matty

    Unlike the other Matty toylines, the MOTUC fans have proven that they are both loud AND numerous, so why not sell the TRU MOTUC repaints as optional, non-sub singles on Matty? Most likely, they'll sell out just like everything else MOTUC does.

    It is possible this may happen one day. This is why we set up the quarterly repaint slot for MOTUC so we could reissue characters in different looks and decos each year. We did have a lot of ideas for the VS packs, but not every pack had a MOTU figure as the repaint. Some had DCU repaints, others had no repaints at all like the She-Ra/Supergirl pack. None of those ideas made it past a piece of paper so we have not banked any design work or logistics against them.

    So unlike say the limbo JLU figures, we don't have these packs sitting around already designed ready to "turn the machines on". Work had not been done so if we executed any of the repaints thought out for this line (on paper for now) it would require a new toy slot and development assigned to it. Development which we do not have at this time.
    Is there hope of selling the final MOTU vs DC 2 paks on Matty?

    Couldn't you sell the final MOTUC vs DC 2 paks on Matty since TRU didn't want them?

    The "final 2011 pack" was not developed beyond an idea on a piece of paper. So we don't have these figures ready to "Turn the machines on" like we do with the limbo JLU figures that had design work completed. That is why we can't just offer them on The work was never completed, only ideas on paper.
    when do subs start?

    if i get a sub in july will my first fig be sent in august or do i still have to get them on sale day until january?

    The subs sold starting the day of SDCC start in Jan 2012. The Aug figure is part of the 2011 sub sold last year
    instead of re-issues every month, how about offering the TRU 2 pack MOTUC variants?

    Now that the DCU MOTUC 2 packs are going to be discontinued, what would be the next steps to making these MOTUC variants available for us fans? Would they be offered at some point of time on the online store?

    Not every pack had a MOTU repaint. Some of the packs had a DCU repaint, some had no repaints (like She-Ra and Supergirl). It is possible that some of our "ideas" for DCU and MOTU repaints may wind up in either respective line, but none of the packs past Faker/Bizzaro made it anywhere close to production. So we don't have design or package work complete on any additional repaints, only our ideas on paper. Which yes, could potentially be offered in either DCUC or MOTUC down the road if the repaints are strong enough to work on their own. Time will tell. We had a lot of ideas for this line between Bill and myself!

    Bill and I did have quite a lot of ideas for this line into the far future if it continued, but we don't want to announce any (or reveal what the 6th 2011 pack would have been) specifically because some if the ideas were so good we likely will try to work them in somewhere in some line down the road if the stars align. Just because this repaint VS. assortment isn't going forward does not mean DCU and MOTUC repaints are now off the table forever. Likely somewhere someway we might possible find a way to do more. We know their is plenty of actual demand for this!
    Quick question on possible MOTUC figure?

    Hi just wondering if by any chance we could see a Faker/Fakette version of Adora / She-ra as sort of a expanded universe type of thing? "Hordak makes a fake Adora to trick the Great rebellion that she's turned evil again" Thought that it would be a cool concept.

    I suppose anything is possible, but with the limited slots we have for MOTUC don't look for anything like this soon, at least not in 2012.
    Man-E-Faces' secret accessory

    Can Mattel reveal the secret accessory of Man-E-Faces close to his sale date?
    I ask because if it's a second set of head(s), people like myself, would like to purchase an extra figure.

    No. We want (hope) to let fans have the experience of opening the figure and learning what the secret accessory is for the first time!
    Teela Question

    I read your answer about Battleground Teela having been improperly issued as a release for that sale but it was originally going to be Teela for that sale and she was not available.

    Does that mean we might see a Teela sale in the near future?

    Maybe one day. Nothing confirmed right now.
    PowerCon Questions and Hopes

    I LOVE that you will be at PowerCon Mattel!

    2 things:

    1. Will you possibly entertain the thought to reveal something exclusively at the con? Will all of the SDCC reveals be at the con as well?

    2. It would be AWESOME if at some point all of the the people attending the con could vote on something like we have done in years past with Panthor's flocking and Swift Wind's color. It makes sense since you have some of the biggest and most diehard collection of MOTU fans in one place.

    We are still working on our plans. We will for sure have new figs to reveal, but no plans at this time for any product to be sold. As for a vote, anything is possible but nothing is locked in at this time.
    MOTUC sub

    is the quarterly figure variant for $20 (four times a year) now gone? it is not listed in the price breakdown.

    The sub will contain 12 monthly at $20.00, 4 quarterly variants at $20.00 each, 4 Beasts/Multipacks (1 at $30.00, 2 at $40.00 and 1 at $60.00). There will also be a subscription only figure covered by the $20.00 sign up fee.

    Convention items, special items for 2012 events, potential vehicles, potential weapons paks or other one off items may or may not be added to the 2012 line but non will be part of the sub.
    Why wont the two SDCC Matty panels be in the same auditorium?

    I was looking over the programming guide and realized that the Mattypalooza and DC Mattel panels will be in two seperate rooms at SDCC this year. This is a pretty big inconvenience if the rooms are not close to each other and I was just curious why this choice was made.

    SDCC makes this assignment. Mattel has zero control over when and where our panels are.
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