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Thread: Trydor Esooniux Scope

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    Trydor Esooniux Scope

    An End To Start Anew.
    Keldor's fingers clenched so tight, as if to fuse the ressurection stone to his rawhide, crackly palm. The endeavor he and his girl-mage had journeyed through would not be undone by all the power of the ancient and present mystics of Eternia... so help him. The Search; the humility of this despodic existence would only move forward, or it wouldn't move at all.
    Evelyn cleared the dune ahead and shouted to Keldor, " It's Here!", as she dissapeared beyond the peak. Keldor could feel his strength returning to conquer the adverse sands beneath his forward pressing steps to follow her. His eyes, the dark sockets they were, caught the blueish-white figure of his aprentice at the end of the dust trail that flowed down the slope on the other side. Where she stood, the sands were colored in the fashion of the remains of a meteor blast; as if burned by a great heat. He had no time to gasp, to rejoice, for Keldor thrust his muscle clad arm into the atmosphere, summoning the souls of the stone to enter the scorched earth beneath him with a hasty speed only known to the Cosmic Protectors. The sky made way to stab the sands with a jagged bust of light, exploding the dismembered remains of Kronis, The traiterous Guard of the royal palace, out from his resting place. As if in the same instance, Keldor twisted his knife into the shoulder of the reanimated partial warrior to gather the whereabouts of his next prize; Kronis' disgraced comrad.

    The Cave of Solitary War
    Keldor Felt his lips tighten into a smirk as if they were still there. The white haired girl-mage had led him to the cave his death-risen informant spoke about, where a fallen warrior sought refuge from the very army he helped to command. From the mouth of the earthen shelter, they could hear the clanking of a lost soul, still honing his skills with a blade as if he were reddying himself for eminent battle. Into the darkness they drifted, as if footless, to keep from making a sound; to alert this creature before the proper moment might soil the fruits of the long search they had behind them. It felt, to Keldor, as if only a few paces had been traversed before he found himseld grasping his belly to salvage what his leathery fingers could manage to contain of his enthusiastically rushing, clotty blood. The shreiking Evelyn Powers charged in the direction the phantom blade had come from; the shrilly sound jolted Keldor to his senses and he followed to aid her sprint toward vengiance. He turned the corner to draw his charged Ramskull Staff before the dark legend, Trydor Scope, could land his rusty metal blade through the soft disarmed fleshy body of his witch desciple.

    Before the battle could claim a fatality, Keldor struck a deal with Trydor; to join him in taking Eternia for the price of the Emerald of sight. But first, they would return to the place where the Living corpse lie. Trydor, the master of mechanical creation, who had sufferred the loss of rank to a more talented, and careful, officer, the one he tried to murder, would piece back together one more soldier for the tribe.

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    ohh i like the mask!

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    They all are awesome! Trydor Esooniux Scope is slick, nicely done.

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