There's a thread for DVDs, but this seems different enough. The DVD thread feels more like a list of DVD editions that have recent;y come out, as opposed to any movie discussion, but this is a way to talk about what you've seen recently and give others ideas on what to watch or not to watch.

In the past couple of days I watched:

Devil - I heard mixed reviews about this, and anything with Shymalan's name on it usually gets an instahate. But I thought it was pretty good. Not worth watching over again, but a one time watch is good, as a sorta supernatural "whodunnit".

Yojimbo - Been playing Way of the Samurai 3 and it got me in the mood to pull out my Criterion Kurosawa box set, since I was basing my in-game character on Yojimbo. Still a great movie, with plenty of funny moments. Toshiro Mifune is easilly the Japanese equivalent to John Wayne.