I started some Halloween viewing

Paul with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and anyone who's been in comedy flick in the last couple years, (Seth Rogan was the alien, the other cop from super bad, Jason Bateman, the chick from Bridesmaids) I enjoyed it. Two nerds go to SDCC then a tour of American UFO sights, which ends up them getting themselves a Seth Rogan alien to tote around, and you know.. the chase with the MIB begins. I enjoyed it, but I don't think these guys will ever be able to top Shaun of the Dead.

Trick R Treat I actually really enjoyed this one. It reminded me of Creepshow, because it told several stories with comic book interludes, but what was different is all the stories took place at the same time in the same town. I’d give this one a watch

Madness. This was your random slasher B list movie on Netflix Instant. I believe this was a Swedish movie, but it supposedly took place in America, where 2 teens were headed to a Cheerleading competition, met two other dudes who had a broken down car, that hitched a ride with the cheerleaders until that car broke down, and yer classic murdering hillbillies with too much land come pick ‘em up, and madness ensues.. I think the major problem was the random mix of Euro and American license plates. Anyway, they all had Swedish accents though they were supposed to be American. They were all supposed to be teenagers but appeared to be like 29 or 30. So, I’d skip this one.. and yell at someone Swedish for making this one.