The Descendents

Wow, why did I not see this sooner? This is one of the best movies of 2011. Since Drive was not nominated, I would have given this best picture and Clooney best actor. I haven't seen the artist, but there is no way it's better than this.

The story follows a real estate attorney whose wife is in a coma. He soon finds out shocking things. His wife won't make it out of the coma and that she's been cheating on him. So he does what anyone in his position would do, go on a hunt to meet this guy with his two kids.

The story and acting in this movie is fantastic. The movie is a little too real at times, where it hits home whether you've experienced the same things or not, but also very funny. You can just imagine yourself in the same positions. This is the best of Clooney honestly. His character is just so real, sometimes you feel like you're eavesdropping on him. Another stand out is the girl playing his eldest daughter, so good.

I'd really make the effort to see this. One really interesting aspect of the movie is that it only covers the non-scenic parts of Hawaii, away from the mainland, the non-touristy places you don't typically see.