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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Die Another Day - Man, this movie is pretty awful. It has an awesome opening segment, a pretty cool song (even if it doesn't song like a Bond song), but then the movie starts spiraling into crap. The plot takes an hour to kick in, not to mention it is lackluster and stupid, the whole dream machine is crap, and they picked some horrible actors in this movie. While Halle Berry is no where near as bad as Richards, she is still pretty terrible as a Bond girl. The only thing I can say positive about the movie outside of its opening is Michael Madsen is awesome.
    Die Another Day was a (very bad) live-action cartoon, basically, and the epitomé of why Bond needed a 'reboot' - At that point the series had become self-mockery and a collection of post-modern inside jokes... That's why I was very surprised by the hostile reaction to Daniel Craig and Casino Royale. People claimed it moved away from what made a Bond movie, yet Die Another Day has all of those ingredients and was an absolute stinker... Some people seem to prefer 'traditional' cr@p to innovative quality.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Oh you ******!!! Why does the US get screwed on these movies? We have to wait about 3 weeks for it to come out after it comes out in Europe.
    Fair's fair..he is a British hero...
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