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    Batman DKR 6/6 , holy crap what a movie.....loved Bane and Catty , I don't think it's appropiate for those under 12 though , it was intense. I think this will be a classic in 20-30 yrs , similar to say Good Bad Ugly.

    Skyfall 4.5/6 , on par with TSWLM or FYEO......pretty good. The problem with the Bonds is that they have to outdo/top each other and that's just not gonna happen every time.

    60s Bonds imo :

    DN......where the foundation , the cement of the Bonds were laid
    FRWL.....trying to be even more spectacular but still maintaining a fantastic script , Bond seems a lot more vulnerable here than in other Bonds this one it really takes off , the Bondformula has now been established
    TB......the HEIGHT of Bondmania , by this point it at times feels a bit routine with Connery going thru the motions it's beginning to be too OTT and Connery is getting bored , Connery is fed up by the media frenzy and wants out
    OHMSS.....again another fantastic script which helps rookie Laz tremendously , also Rigg is just not window dressing but a calibre actress. Hunt should def have directed more Bonds.

    DAF.....don't blame Moore for the sillyness , this was the movie that started the mocking trend.....this is like a parody of a 007 film (and loooooooooong before mr Powers came along !) , it does have some clever dialogue though.

    Yes Man 4/6 , all right comedy fea Carrey
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