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Watched Deep Red yesterday for the third time. Big Dario Argento fan. Definitely one of his best. The killer is basically revealed in the first twenty minutes, but if you haven't seen the film before you will never catch it. Absolutely ingenious. Watch the full Italian version. Phenomenal film.
Yeh man, Deep Red is a masterpiece of European horror i enjoyed since i rented it on video at 14 and thought it was awesome, been an Argento fan since i rented Creepers. Goblin rocks at doing scores!

Evil Dead remake: Well made, gory and enjoyable homage to a classic horror film and made by the makers no less.

Repo Man on blu-ray: Criterion has done a terrific job of making this cult sci-fi comedy classic eye-poppingly good on high definition, been a fave of mine for years since i was a kid.

The Fifth Element on blu-ray: Fantastic underrated cult sci-fi comedy action film from Luc Besson who brought you "Leon" and one of Bruce Willis's finest moments, it's like a comic book brought to life from the pages of heavy metal magazine and the MTV cartoon Aeon Flux. Milla Jovovich is very sexy here as Leeloo, i saw it 4 times in theaters when i was 15 and this movie looks/sounds awesome on high def.