Well, it is that time of the month, when you must get rid of stuff...oh well! Here is the list. If you want something and make me an offer I can't refuse, let me know and we can arrange something outside of Ebay....

Battle Cat MIB

Beam-Blaster & Artilleray MISB

Top Toys Snout Spout Blue Gloves

Laser Light Skeletor

Laser Power He-man

Top Toys Man-E-Faces Unpainted Legs

Estrela Man-at-Arms x 2

Estrela Skeletor

Estrela Tri-Klops

Estrela Beast Man

Estrela Mer-man


Estrela Dragon Laser MISB

Estrela Attrak Trak

Estrela Roton

Estrela Kobra Khan



Top Toys Trap Jaw unpainted legs

Top Toys Mantenna unpainted legs

Top Toys Evil-lyn

Top Toys King Hiss unpainted armor

Lord Impalor Custom by Galaxy Warrior COTU

Black Face/Skin Grizzlor

Black Belt Leech

Modulok MISB

Wonder Bread He-man Custom MOC

Slime Pit MIB

MOTU Necklace MOC

Kobra Khan MOC

Half Boot Skeletor

Soft-head Faker

as well as MOTUC (see my other items for sale)

Thanks for looking!