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Thread: The Sorceress needs a spell casting hand!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    My Mossman doesn't want to feel left out and it's waving back at them!
    That is hilarious, quoted for truth! But yes that was what was explained to me. Do we get a soft version of what it's sopposed to look like or do they harden it up and alter its appearance and detail?

    My guess they went with, "Wait we can put the hand, AND sword in the same tool as the comb/whip, cape, and the dress? This saves on tooling at the expense of quality?" *High-fives*

    OK not that sarcastic, but I guess those decisions have to be made continuously, and rightfully so, they choose aesthetics every time when they consider the buyer is a collector that wants accuracy. But's like when they put shorts on Bow and Jewelstar and King Hssss that covers the "ugly" hip articulation. Why? Now the joint is rendered useless. The toy SHOULD be able to put it's leg up. We know the joint is there. We can't have both?

    Fashion over function, true believers.

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    NEWS FLASH: Zoar has a little hole in her, so you can perch her on the Sorceress' thumbs-up!

    It makes sense now!
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