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Thread: The Official WMD Roboto Support Thread

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    The Official WMD Roboto Support Thread

    WMD Roboto (coined by Benedict Judas Hel), has been often mentioned, but he's never gotten his own thread...until NOW!

    I've always been a fan of the idea that Roboto could download into new bodies whenever the need arises. He's had a lot of incarnations --from the mini-comic version with the heart to the chess playing robot. His 200X form could be the heavy-duty, fully-armed version of the character.

    If he's a deluxe sized figure like Tuskador or Ram Man, that's even better!


    Classicised 200X 'WMD' Roboto Poll
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    Probably my favorite version of Roboto, and I love all the versions of him! I want this as a toy bad.

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    Yep. He'd definitely have to be pretty hefty, though.

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    I would love a MOTUC version. The 200x toy/cartoon incarnation is my favorite Roboto version yet.
    I feel that the 200x Roboto is one of the best character updates that the 200x era offered.

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    Yeah, I always thought 200X Roboto warranted his own MotUC figure. I was behind this last time it was brought up, and I'm still behind it now!
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    I would also like to see this. Mattel could call him Ultimate Battle Roboto as he has been referred to here in the boards.
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    I wouldn't mind a Roboto 2.0,

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    I absolutely would like a 200X WMD Roboto!!!!
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    Totally a badass character and would be much appreciated in the motuc line

    honestly, for what is worth now I'm quite happy with just his 200x head but this variant is high in my wish list.
    So sad I sold the figure on ebay, this style is not retired at all for me yet
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    Definately onboard for this, especially since I don't have a Roboto
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    YAAAAS! I want to throw my money at him!

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    Easily my favorite version of Roboto

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    Roboto's one of my top five favorite good guys, but I'm not really into this waaay overdone Roboto.
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    I LOVE vintage Roboto. He's one of my favorite memories. But...robots can get upgrades, right? Lol. I've considered vintage-style Roboto as Roboto 1.0, and 200x Roboto as Roboto 2.0 - an upgrade for the Second Ultimate Battleground. We've been given Battleground Teela and Battleground Evil-Lyn to get alternate styles into the line. Why not Battleground Roboto? They could take my money right now for this guy.
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    I like the design, but I hate how big they made him in the cartoon. If they were to release a 200x version, I'd want them to use the standard buck and work the same magic they did with Calix and King Chooblah.

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    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and more yes. Oh god yes. Annoyingly over the top yes.

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    I'd rather have a refresh of roboto with non cracking torso in the filmation line. Not interested in the 200x version
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    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    But let's go a step further: The actual figure is his "chess playing" form, but you have armor, interchangeable head/arms/legs/hands/weapons to make the WMD version! I don't know why, but I've always liked his pre-WMD version almost as much as the WMD. There was something almost sad about him in the 'toon when Teela wouldn't take him into battle. Like the kid getting picked last for kickball. So yeah, I want both somehow. But if I can only have one, then the WMD is it, as long as he's got both interchangeable hands/weapons.

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    YES YES YES. This figure is OWED to us. This could make up for the screwed up first one.

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    I would totally buy one, sign me up.
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    If ever there was a character for whom it made sense to produce evolution figures, a constructed robot such as Roboto is it. I would want the 200x toy feature of the removable armor included as part of any WMD Roboto.
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    Definitely! But it would be nice if they use the the old Roboto buck as the base so that people with broken ones could use this as a replacement.
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    Most definitely !
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