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Thread: Switch-out hands

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    Switch-out hands

    Some of the Thundercats figures are to have switch-out hands. I think it's about time MOTUC and HMATMOTU line followed suit. First character which comes to mind is Evil-Lyn.
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    Totally! This should of been a feature from the start!

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    Yes, definitely. These figures really feel behind the curve to me as far as adult collectibles go, and only having 1 set of hands is a prime reason for this (with other reasons including lack of alternate heads or faces, and non-articulated hair on females).

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    Articulated hair on figures is something I've only seen on imports with a whopping price tag. MOTU figures are in the more moderately priced Marvel Legends vein.

    That said, alternate hands would have been great on multiple figures, like the Sorceress (spell casting) or Skeletor (left gripping hand). Truthfully, it's something they could still easily do. A hand pack would be nice, as it's very easy to heat and pop the hands in and out. Only problem would be the varying skin tones used over the course of the line making it hard to match things up.
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    This would be nice. I wish they all had the ability to easily switch out hands.

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    I would love a count Marzo hand throwing up the horns for my king diamond figure. \m/

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    I wish I could switch out my own hands.

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