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Thread: Could DC He-Man join one of the Justice League's teams?

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    Could DC He-Man join one of the Justice League's teams?

    I was rereading the DC vs MOTU crossover, and i can say that i liked the interactions between John Constantine's team and the Eternians. And since the last issue left a window open for a possible return of He-Man and Co to DC Earth, for saving Marlena from Skeletor's curse (and with Adora this time, for knowing her mother, since she didn't have this chance with her father), do you think that would be possible to join one of Justice League's teams? And if yes which one of them? Which other MOTU character could join? Any thoughts?

    Personally i' m leaning towards Justice League Dark. I think that He-Man, She-Ra and Teela would fit well with them. Also i would add Evil-Lyn. She was great with Constantine.

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    I hope not.
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    I like the idea of He-Man joining Justice League Dark. He could fit in well with his magic powers and would provide both the muscle and warrior elements to the team.

    In the case of She-Ra I think she would have lots of options (being beautiful, versatile and powerful she would attract a lot of interest from team leaders looking to recruit a new member). She might though prefer to join a newly re-formed Justice League of Amazons as she routinely teams-up with heroines. She could also briefly team up with the Teen Titans to act as mentor to its younger members as she often fulfils a mentoring role with the inexperienced members of the Rebellion on Etheria. Another option would be to join the Justice League itself as the team is woefully short of powerful heroines in this supposedly modern age.

    I could see some temporary crossover possibilities too. For example, you could have a quintet of champions of light/good where the twins combine with DC’s Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman to battle the champions of darkness/evil. In this scenario, He-Man, Superman, She-Ra and Wonder Woman would do the battling while Batman would predominately act as the Sorceress / Light Hope and help guide the heroes through a series of magical, physical and technological challenges in order to save the universe.

    For the other members of MOTUC I see them as less inclined to join Earth-based teams as they do not have a sense of belonging to Earth, like He-Man, She-Ra and Marlena would have. If they did join a team they could be inclined to leave at the first opportunity to get back to Eternia or Etheria. That is of course unless Earth becomes their new permanent home such as might happen on being exiled or driven from Eternia or Etheria.
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    I don't mind a few crossovers, but I wouldn't want He-Man to join superhero team.

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    I think it would be cool for He-Man and She-Ra to join the Justice League. They could be the new Wonder Twins.

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    All you have to do is watch the late 1990's tv show 'The American Justice League' to see how stupid that project could be.

    How ever if the question is about He-Man AND She-Ra, then, yes.

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