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Thread: "The Coming of the Towers" - PoP + Motu webcomic series

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    "The Coming of the Towers" - PoP + Motu webcomic series

    The Coming of the Towers - PoP + Motu webcomic series: Main DeviantArt gallery for the series.

    From the PoP Cartoon continuity, a tale about the origins of the Towers Of Etheria!

    This saga is designed to develop through 2-pages-long "acts", each of them featuring different PoP/MotU characters as the plot develops, moving from the Fright Zone to Brightmoon Castle and back, until the three Towers of magic and science are finally gathered, and the face of Etheria is forever changed.

    If you are an artist and a MotU fan who wants to join the project, send us a note!
    We need both lineartists and color artists to work in parallel to the acts of the saga!

    Featured in this first episode: Colonel Blast of the Horde, Horde Troopers, Future Rio Blast of the Great Master Horde, Fright Tower, planet Etheria.

    Learn more about the Great Master Horde.

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    Awesome. Want more.

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    Nice! Will be checking it out!
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    Looks really good so far.

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    Awesome, can't wait to see more!
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    Thanks for the support, guys!

    And now, The Coming Of The Towers continues.

    Featuring the same artistic trio of Joe, Esther and Seb, the story carries on from where we left off, with a savage battle between Colonel Blast of the Horde and Rio Blast of the... Great Master Horde?

    As the plot moves to new characters and settings, the keywords for act two are: Entrapta, Slime Pit, Cosmic Key, Etheria, Horde!

    Stay tuned for the next act, and join us if you want to draw or color some of the upcoming pages!
    But be warned: the Flutterina/Vultak, Angella and Hordak/Zodac chapters are taken!

    A preview of things to come, featuring Queen Angella, Brightmoon, Modulok, She-Ra and Strobo.

    The covers!

    Fright Tower, Crystal Tower, Cascade Tower...

    ...and the full art!

    Art by Joe Teanby.

    Dark Hope is the original concept for the character who later became Light Hope: a pair of baleful red eyes, floating in a corridor of infinite darkness (source: Bustatoons' blog).

    In our version, Dark Hope's corridor also hosts various mystical objects, such as mirrors and goblets and armours, from which Dark Hope draws magic and strength.

    A sinister counterpart to Light Hope, Dark Hope lives by a pragmatic philosophy that prefers results over principles, and sees compromise with the enemy as the only way to end a war.

    After spending centuries in the oblivion of his own Dark Corridor, locked somewhere in the metaphysical depths of Etheria, Dark Hope prepares to return, concomitantly with the appearance of the Towers of Etheria.
    Is this going to happen by chance, or is there a relationship between his return and the twisted future of the Great Master Horde?

    The Coming Of The Towers continues!

    Featuring special guest Ibai as color artist, the stories moves now to Entrapta's experiments with the powers of the Fright Tower.

    Featuring: Fear-Ro, the mummy of the Horde! Dylamug, the robot of the Horde!
    And Double Trouble, the spy of the Great Rebellion!

    Stay tuned for the next act, and join us if you want to draw or color some of the upcoming pages!

    As we wait for the end of the Double Trouble storyline, in the pages of acts 4 & 5, The Coming Of The Towers moves to a parallel subplot-- what is happening in the Fright Zone? And why are the Cosmic Enforcers visiting Etheria?

    Featuring: Hordak, Zodac, Hurricane Tank Hordak, and someone who lives in a corridor of infinite darkness and isn't Light Hope!

    Coming soon, act 7!
    And join us if you want to draw or color some of the upcoming pages!

    Act 7 of The Coming Of The Towers features She-ra, Swiftwind and Strobo, locked in a stalemate in a dead dimension!

    Featuring the toy version of She-ra and Swiftwind, as provided by the power of Grayskull!

    Back to where we left off, act 4 of The Coming Of The Towers continues Double Trouble's plot, chronicling her attempt at relaying what she found out to the Great Rebellion.

    Featuring: Dragstor, Double Mischief (?), Flutterina.

    Act 5!

    Flutterina and Vultak engage in battle in the skies above Castle Brightmoon. Featuring Glimmer!

    Art by Niki

    Act 8 of The Coming of the Towers features the counterattack of Brightmoon's forces: Queen Angella, Peekablue, Glimmer... and a First One!

    With art by new entry Henrik, act 9 of The Coming Of The Towers features Modulok versus Future Spinnerella, as the magic of Brightmoon strikes!


    Act 10 of The Coming of the Towers features the Crystal Tower (at long last), Cy-Chop and Jewelstar of the Star Sisters!

    Read the notes to each page and let us know what you think about Cy-Chop's origins!

    Art by Joe Teanby and Dennis Simcott (check out his Sweet Bee!)

    We're in the headlines once again: thank you, guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L0rdGr1ml0ck View Post
    We're in the headlines once again: thank you, guys!
    You're very welcome.
    Please check out my gallery on Deviantart
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    I saw it as well

    Val is the best!
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    Act 11 of The Coming of the Towers: as the battle between Cy-Chop and Jewelstar rages, Mer-Man and Monstroid enter the fray!
    But how did they manage to reach Etheria, and what are the Towers up to?

    Art by Joe Teanby and Dennis Simcott

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    the Snake Women!

    As Etheria mirrors so many aspects of Eternia, why shouldn't the SnakeMen be mirrored as well... in PoP style, instead of being a Horde-type army?

    Here goes Queen Corala!

    The "prehistoric age" of Etheria will play a role in the resolution of the saga of the Three Towers Of Etheria (once again to mirror Eternia's history).

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    Snake Women: Frillizara

    The second-in-command of the Snake Woman is the powerful sorceress Frillizara!

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    Act 13 of "The Coming of the Towers" takes sides for the next MotuC playset!
    Featuring the She-Ra, Swiftwind, the mystery of the Crystal Castle, and the man inside the Rainbow Pillar!
    Now that the face of Etheria is being changed by the Towers, where has Light Hope gone?

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