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Thread: Forget the Wind Raider, make the next vehicle THE COLLECTOR.

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    I think the way to do this as a toy is to have that skull "face plate" be removable. You pop it off, and inside is a seat for you to place your Skeletor figure. Pop the skull face plate back on (have the eyes be a translucent yellow plastic)... and there you go! It would be unrealistic to expect this thing to be a proper cartoon accurate scale- but as a one-seater flying vehicle, with no interior? As long as it has the outer features we all know and love... it would be a great vehicle to do next in the line! A first-time-ever vehicle, straight from Filmation, and a nice counterpart to the heroic Wind Raider! It doesn't have to be a monstrous "I have to be able to stand eight figures up inside of it so that they can fight inside of it!" kind of vehicle. That sort of thing is way too day-dreamy. Reel the expectations in a little bit, and Mattel can probably pull off a great smaller-scaled Collector that will please most folks. And "only" cost $40.
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