I figured there must be a thread for this era somewhere, but in using the search, I was only able to find the one for pre-Filmation in MOTUC. Mods, feel free to merge this if you know of an appropriate thread.

Since MOTU first appeared in 1981, I've always preferred the look and feel of the canon in the original 4 mini-comics as well as the later Alcala comics. I've never been able to put my finger on exactly why until seeing the pic of the new MOTUC Wind Raider with the engine hatches open. The problem for me is that it's 100% technology! I'll explain. In the original mini's there was technology and sorcery like there is in all versions of MOTU, but in the earliest version they are much more intertwined and mysterious. In the lead up to Filmation, (and in all versions of MOTU since then) there is technology and sorcery, but they are kept separate from each other. Weapons and vehicles are usually creations of Man-At-Arms or sometimes Tri-Klops. Making the vehicles and weapons creations of current characters instead of unknown ancients takes away the mystery and a lot of the appeal IMO. The vehicles and weapons in early MOTU were mysterious items left behind in the wake of a great cataclysm and few knew the complete history/story behind them. Mini-comic appearances of Point Dread and the Talon Fighter are perfect examples of this ancient, mysterious type of vehicle that is equal parts technology and sorcery. Even the original Castle Grayskull playset had this aspect to it as well.

So there you have it. Ancient, mysterious origins to weapons and vehicles and the lack of closely intertwined sorcery and technology are what I feel have been missing from MOTU since the early 80's. What do you all think? I'm curious o hear what everyone thinks, but especially interesed in the opinions of other hard core pre-Filmation era fans.