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Thread: Rate the figures in the 200x subscription

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    Rate the figures in the 200x subscription

    I have to say, the line-up of this sub has exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations. I think the entire line-up looks great. I was wondering how everyone would rank them?

    1. Callix. I am shocked, shocked that this red shirt of the MOTU universe turned into such a stunning figure. I never wanted a figure of him, but now he'll take a choice spot in my Horde line-up.
    2. Evil Seed. I am among those who wanted the 200x version more than the FILMation version (even though that version would've been awesome too), and this figure is a knockout.
    3. King Chooblah. This character was completely off my radar when it came to figures I wanted in the line, but the 4 Horsemen sculpt is amazing, so much so that on another day I might rank him my #1 or #2 pick in the sub.
    4. Prahvus. He looks really good in pics; I hope he looks even better in person. Suddenly I'm imagining a new evil faction with a triumvirate of Prahvus, Shokoti and Marzo. (With lackeys including the likes of Evil Seed, Icer, and Batros.)
    5. Ceratus. Again, another stunner. Tons of awesome detail. Could easily dethrone Prahvus as my #4 pick.
    6. Queen Grayskull. The only figure in the line-up I'm a little meh about. She looks a little too thick to me, and her ribbons are just too busy and will no doubt make her a little difficult to pose. But in all honesty, she's a B+ figure in a line up full of A's and A-'s.

    As for the head pack, I have a hard time ranking it because it's like an apples/oranges situation, but I'm really excited about the Sy-Klone, Grizzlor, Clawful, and Buzz-Off heads, all of which will become my default display heads. I don't own Roboto and Snout Spout, but I plan to track them down now that their 200x heads are being made available. The only thing that would've made this head pack better was if it included a Rattlor head.

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    I'll refrain from ranking them until I get them in hand.

    But I will say, they're all 5-Star, and clearly of a higher level than MOTUC figures usually are. I hope that it's not just a faction change, but a taste of what the future of MOTU might be like!

    Top want list: Mask of Power Demons, Snake Goddess Teela, GITD Goddess, Snake Mountain Man, Dree-Elle & Montork, 200X Beast-Man, Red Beast, Ra-Jar, Great Black Wizard, Dragoon, King Torius, 200x Centaur Chief, Queen Andreeno.


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    Calix (8/10) -Great sculpt for sure, but the production colors are off. We got a cool grey slate color prototype, and the production model looks bland and too dark.

    Ceratus (10/10) - Awesome sculpt and his likeness is straight from the animated show. Hopefully he will have an articulated tail

    Veena/Queen Grayskull (9/10) - Beautiful sculpt, colors, and design. Worried about how her face will survive the production process though, also worried how she will sit.

    Evilseed (10/10) - Though I prefer the cabbage head one, this figure is darn near perfect in every way!

    King Chooblah (10/10) - Absolutely beautiful figure, sculpt, colors, accessories, etc...probably my favorite in the sub

    Prahvus (7/10) - Features are too small and rounded, he looks like a pig. Needed a new sculpted torso IMO. Colors too bright. He's the "Frosta" of the 200X sub for me.

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    I think they all look GREAT!!

    Here are my ratings:

    Callix = 10/10
    Evil Seed = 9/10
    King Chooblah = 8/10
    Ceratus = 10/10
    Prahvus = 9/10
    Queen Grayskull = 9/10
    Head Pack = 8/10
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    MOST WANTED MOTUC figures:
    Ice Armor He-Man, Sagitar, Master Sebrian, Snake Mountain Man, Filmation Mer-Man, NA Prince Adam, Dylamug, Fang-Or, Major Header, Granita, Great Black Wizard, Quakke, Delora/Hawke, Dree-Elle/Montork, Tuvar, Badrah, Disco Skeletor, Songster, & Stridor

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    1. Evilseed : 10/10 : love the classics scult
    2. Prahvus : 9,5/10 : love too but waiting for the final figure because the pictured one have a strange shade on the face.
    3. Callix : 9/10 : love it. Only disappointed by the too redish horde logo that change his original rocky look.
    4. Ceratus : 8/10 : Great figure, just a little less interested in it.
    5. Veena : 6/10 : Not fan of this figure but happily surprised by her look
    6. King Chooblah : 5/10 : not too bad but I don't like it at all

    x. Heads pack : useless for me ... (but I like the Snout spout head )

    I am really thinking about a second 200X sub now prahvus is revealed

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    1. King Chooblah

    The Kulatak elder gets the number one spot for me. I've wanted a figure of this character since I first saw the Kulataks debut in MYP. We almost got a Kulatak in the 200x line and now we finally have the chance to get one with this sub!! Not to mention the sculpt is amazing!!

    2. Ceratus

    Though I've wanted a figure of Ceratus, I was looking forward to Evilseed, Prahvus and Veena much more. However, his figure turned out so surprisingly good that he's taken the number two spot for me.

    3. Veena

    I think Queen Veena looks great. She turned out about as good as I hoped she would and I'm very glad they didn't compromise her design to turn her into both Veena and 200X Sorceress.

    4. Prahvus

    Prahvus has an excellent sculpt and I love his cape!! I just hope his colors are a bit darker.

    5. Evilseed

    Even though I highly prefer FILMation Evilseed, I was honestly expecting 200X Evilseed to place a bit higher, but for some reason he doesn't look as great as I was hoping. He's still an amazing figure and I'll be glad to add him to my collection.

    6. Callix

    Another great sculpt, not a bad one in the bunch!! Callix looks great and pretty much how I expected him to turn out.

    The head pack is entirely useless to me.
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    1) Veena 10/10 she's beautiful and dead on. Love it.
    2) Ceratus 10/10 love this figure and it opens up options for customizing 200X Whiplash and more calligars!
    3) King Chooblah 10/10 my biggest surprise of the lineup. PHENOMENAL design and very 200X while still being classic. Love this figure.
    4) Prahvus 8/10 love the figure, and I think the final version will be even better. some of the paint is a little flat to me, but that's because it's a prototype methinks. killer, just not perfect.
    5) Callix 8/10 gotta love a giant rock dude! some of the rock feels a little too "stuck on" so it keeps him from 10/10 status.
    6) Evil Seed 7/10 like it, don't love it. Feels a little too much like a custom to me. not a huge evil seed fan anyway, so that biases me. Still love the figure and look forward to having him fight Moss Man!

    200X sub in general? 12/10 BEST....SUB....EVER!!!

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    Two sets of ranks from me. First, who I desired most of the six:

    1. Evil Seed
    2. Prahvus
    3. King Chooblah
    4. Queen Grayskull
    5. Ceratus
    6. Callix

    After seeing the prototypes/figures:

    1. King Chooblah 10/10 Top pick cause I didn't think they could make a Kulatak look good on a standard classics buck.

    2. Queen Grayskull 10/10 There was no question in my mind they could make her look great if they gave her unique parts. Really glad they went the extra mile with tooling.

    3. Ceratus 10/10 Always wanted, but didn't think he would turn out well in Classics cause of the limited existing parts. Again, new tooling saved the day.

    4. Evil Seed 9/10 The details (minus the feet- they should have used Dactus') are great. But he suffers from one buck fits all buck reuse- he is too puffy of a build. Yeah, this is Classics, blah, blah, blah- part reuse is its thing. I don't care. The dude eaten on too many cheese burgers.

    5. Callix 6/10 I guy I never cared for characterwise, and still really don't. Like Chooblah, I am highly impressed with the tooling on this guy. Still, I wish they they would have went the extra mile by giving him new biceps and thighs to complete the look. I don't like the peach highlights, but I can fix that.

    6. Prahvus 6/10 His face is off model- he missing the square chin like Captain America/Superman. And like Evilseed, the upper torso suffers on the Classics buck. His needs to be wider with a much thicker neck. In wresting body terms, it would be like making the standard body for everyone Cena's. And then making a Brock Lesner figure by just adding a new head to the Cena body. They're both ripped guys, but Brock's massive build is part of his whole look. Minus the face, I applaud the 4H for making him look as good as he does on that buck, but it still isn't quite Phravus.
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    Ceratus - 10/10
    Queen Grayskull - 9/10
    Evil Seed - 8/10
    Prahvus - 8/10
    Callix - 7/10
    King Chooblah - 6/10 (Looks fairly top heavy so I'm a bit concerned about the leg articulation.)
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    1. CALLIX - He was in my top ten wants and he turned out even better than I had imagined. I absolutely love this figure.

    2. CHOOBLAH - Another of my top wants, and the 4H did an amazing job. Turned out exactly as I had envisioned him in Classics.

    3. EVILSEED - I had zero interest in an Evilseed figure until I saw him in 200x. I was really excited about his arrival. He would have taken the number one slot, except I'm not completely bowled over by how he turned out. He seems a little...plain? Like, maybe his skin should have had some texture to it? I love him, but he doesn't look like he's from a cartoon - he looks like he IS a cartoon.

    4. QUEEN GRAYSKULL - Beautiful figure, excellent job by the 4H, another one of my wants. I want to put her higher on this list, but I wanted the others before I wanted her...They just seem like stronger victories for me, because I wanted them for a longer period of time.

    5. PRAHVUS - Yet another of my wants. He's down towards the bottom here because his paint lacks contrast and definition, and his accessories are head-scratchers. I'm hoping the drab paint job is actually just the result of bad lighting in the picture.

    6. CERATUS - I had zero interest in a Ceratus figure before the reveal, and I have zero interest now. I've been trying to make myself like him. Telling myself he's not evil like Whiplash, he's good AND he's a member of Randor's council...but I look at him and all I see is Whiplash, the sequel. I'll put him on my shelf, but that's probably the last time I'll ever look at him.
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    Callix = 8/10
    Great sculpt, not very colorful but no one expected that. He looks great if you ask me.

    Evil Seed = 9/10
    Perfect translation to the MOTUC bug. I really like the veins and his accessories.

    Ceratus = 7/10
    Great sculpt. He looks exactly the way i thought he would but again he is not a character i was waiting for.

    King Chooblah = 8/10
    Nice sculpt, iīm not interested in him as a character though.

    Queen Grayskull = 9/10
    Perfect sculpt except for the scarf/stole/wrap thingy but thatīs a tricky thing anyway. my guess itīs removable aynway.

    Prahvus = 8/10
    Half naked guy with a weird head. He looks great in figure form. Again i didnīt expect anything else but i really like his cape!
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    My rankings will be based mostly on "how much I want to own the character in figure form," since, until I have them in hand, I think elements of design etc. are too early to tell.

    #1 Veena: In terms of toy display, King Grayskull has had an empty space beside him for a looong time. She's my favourite of the bunch in terms of her role in the mythos (wife of Grayskull, the original Sorceress of the Castle).

    #2 Evilseed: Like Count Marzo, Evilseed has become a pretty key character in the grand scheme of things, and much of that is helped by the fact that he has both a Filmation and a 200x presence. When I saw him in Filmation as a kid, I was sure that meant we were getting a toy of him. Then when I saw him in 200x I had to have a toy of him!

    #3 Prahvus: It's all about story for me. I display my figures according to eras, and it's super awesome to be able to put another bad guy on the Great Unrest shelf! Keldor, Dekker, Young Duncan (no mustache), etc. have a really cool looking villain to round out the adventure.

    #4 Kulatak Elder: He and Ceratus are technically around the same rank here as awesome representatives of Randor's Council (another display I like to see), but Chooblah just seems a touch cooler looking (I know I said I wasn't basing this on design yet, so sue me!)

    #5 Ceratus: Really on the same level as Chooblah, but Chooblah just fascinates me a bit more re: looks. Ceratus is still freakin' awesome though!

    #6 Callix: Yeah, he's my 6th - but he's my 6th favourite - so there's that. It's just that in my current collection I have not been able to amass a nice collection of Horde members. They're still a little scattershot at this time. I do have a Hordak, and a smattering of others . . . and now I'll have Callix. Cool and all, because he's a really neat character. He's kind of like an extra for me at this point.

    #7 The Head Pack: I do not own one figure that the head pack is replacing the head of. It's cool for those who want it, and it didn't keep me from subbing, but it's currently useless to me unless I want to create a vanquished warriors display of heads on pikes.
    I'll definitely try to get those figures, but man they're getting pricey. Re-issues would be nice, Mattel!
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    They all look great.

    1. Prahvus - One of my top wants. Bummed no Odiphus, though.

    2. Callix

    3. Evilseed

    4. Veena

    5. Ceratus

    6. King Choobalah

    I've ranked them in the order of my top wants. King Choobalah is a great looking figure, but I would have preferred Hawke or Miro.

    In fact, a better lineup would have been Hawke and Miro for Ceratus and Choobalah.


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    1. King Chooblah
    2. Callix
    3. Ceratus
    4. Prahvus
    5. Queen Grayskull
    6. Evilseed

    That being said, Evilseed is an amazing figure IMO. This was tough to rank.

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    Veena - 9/10
    Evilseed - 8/10
    King Chooblah - 6/10
    Prahvus - 6/10
    200X Heads Pak 5/10
    Callix 4/10
    Ceratus 4/10

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    everything is flippin WHAAAAAAAAAAT? TO ME (IN A VERY GOOD WAY)

    calix - 9
    evil seed - 7,5 (I dont really like the character)
    veena - 8
    phravus - 8,5
    king chooblah - 9
    ceratus - 9,5
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    I think they're all fantastic.

    *Evilseed: 10/10 (I've wanted him for so long, just seeing him alone gets him points!)
    *Veena: 10/10 (A perfect translation, and she looks tremendous.)
    *King Chooblah: 10/10 (I'm really surprised at how great he looks - better than I expected.)
    *Calix: 10/10 (Again, another surprise; a character I didn't care for at all looks to be a great figure.)
    *Prahvus: 9/10 (Cool looking, but something seems off somehow; that may change when I have him in hand)
    *Ceratus: 9/10 (Again, cool looking - just somehow not as awe-inspiring as the rest.)
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    01 Queen Grayskull
    02 Evilseed
    03 Callix / Prahvus
    04 King Chooblah
    05 Ceratus
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    Veena - 4/10
    Evilseed - 8/10
    King Chooblah - 3/10
    Prahvus - 7/10
    200X Heads Pak 2/10
    Callix 8/10
    Ceratus 4/10

    This is mostly about my feelings towards the characters and not towards the overall executions of the figure. I don't consider myself a fan of the 200X cartoon or characters for the most part.
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    #1 Veena 10/10
    #2 Calix 10/10
    #3 Prahvus 10/10
    #4 Ceratus 10/10
    #5 Evilseed 9/10 only because i prefer filmation version, however still a badass figure and happy to have him in my collection.
    #6 King Chooblah 9/10 only becuz i dont care for the character, but just like Evilseed its still an amazing looking figure.
    #7 Headpack 9/10 after seeing the six figures and how awesome they all turned out, I wouldve preferred another awesome figure.
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    1.Prahvus. This is the prepro figure and will be darker when production figure is finished and still looks badass.
    2.Veena. Maybe the best female in the entire line.
    3.Calix. Awesome.
    4.Ceratus. Excellent sculpt.
    5.King Chooblah.Cool design.

    Best figures in the line by far reguardless of faction or era.

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    They all rock!!!

    Here are my ratings:

    Callix = 9/10
    Evil Seed = 9/10
    King Chooblah = 10/10
    Ceratus = 10/10
    Prahvus = 10/10
    Queen Grayskull = 8/10
    Head Pack = 10/10

    I like everything really... I am excited to see them as plastic as the paint will look a lil different.
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    Veena - 8.5/10
    Evilseed - 8.5/10
    King Chooblah - 8/10
    Prahvus - 7.5/10
    200X Heads Pak -7/10
    Callix -9/10
    Ceratus- 9/10

    I dont believe anything is perfect ever, some of these are close.

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    1. Chooblah
    2. Ceratus
    3. Veena
    4. Evilseed
    5. Callix
    6. Prahvus

    Overall an awesome lineup. Prahvus isn't bad, per say--just the weakest of the set.

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    1. Veena. Stunning, best fig of the bunch, and an actual motu female for the first time in forever.
    2. Ceratus. Looks completely badass, was the best one until Veena was revealed.
    3. King Chooblah. I've wanted a Kulatak for a long time, and didn't think we'd see it happens. It met and exceeded all expectations.
    4. Calix. Always hated him and thought he was overrated. Discussion about him on here used to enrage me, I'd think 'are these people insane? he's a lame rock guy who only existed for 5 seconds to show how evil Hordak is!' But he turned out way better than I ever thought he would. He's way better than the lame vintage rock-people. I'm looking forward to him, and I never thought I would type those words, lol.
    5. Evilseed. I've always wanted him but don't know what to make of him yet. I think he could have been better somehow, but I'll still be glad to add him to the group.
    6. Prahvus. Always ranked up there with Calix in my 'overrated top 10 list', but he looks good and he rounds out a great sub.

    As a whole, this group is better than the filmation and PoP subs put together, and better than a lot of the offerings in 2014 and 2015 from the main sub.

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