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Thread: it's started to bug me how SMALL beastman is!

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    it's started to bug me how SMALL beastman is!

    he's a tiny fellow! shorter than everyone but orko I think!
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    Kewl! One of the few Beast Man threads out there!

    Going from the back of the Alcala mini comics, I always thought that Beast Man should be 6.5" instead of 6". His arms would be longer than his shorter legs...more gorilla-like.

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    In short; a five-foot-five orangutan can still rip your arms off.

    To me, that's Beastman. The bad guy answer to Marvel's Wolverine. He's not the biggest guy in the Universe - but his size is deceptive and he'll tear your head off if you dare to approach him without due caution.

    I'll go so far as to say that MOTUC Beasty is my favourite incarnation. Better than Filmation, better than the mini-comics, and better than the 'roided up hunchback from 2002.

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    thats our beastman time to deal with it

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    I thin k he looks a bit shorter because he is apelike. He was busy picking up bananas during the ergonomics lecture a t Snake mountain...
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    I do wish he was a little taller. I always envisioned him as being similar to Sabretooth from the X-Men. Really big and beast like, but ultra quick and agile.

    Motuc Beastman still is one of my favorite figures in the entire line. The sculpting and colors on him are so good to me.

    I've actually got my Beastman posed with Evil Lyn right now. She's stroking his cheek, and he's got his hand around her leg.

    Evil Lyn: "Go get em' Beastman."

    Sorry, it's a phone pic so the quality isn't the best.

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    I've always thought Beast Man was too small. He looks cool but I've felt a lil underwhelmed because of it.

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    I always felt that the best redesign the 4H did for 200X was Beast Man.

    I loved his larger scale.

    If Mattel does design a larger buck , I'd love a 200x variant of Beast Man.

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    For the Classics figure he should be a little smaller, like the vintage figures and the show. But I agree with the sentiments about the MYP Beastman. He truly was a 'beast,' and was possibly my favorite character in the show. I'd love to see a 200x inspired Beastman, Whiplash and Clawful that used a larger buck.

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