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Thread: What are you doing with your first edition Evil Lyn?

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    What are you doing with your first edition Evil Lyn?

    So with the reveal of BG Evil Lyn, I've been pondering how to incorporate her and the first release into my collection and story.

    My first approach was to make them Lyn at two different points, with BG Evil Lyn being her natural form, and the yellow version being a result of her working with dark magic. I thought about it some more, and came to another idea.

    I've decided that the 1st release is actually Evil-Lyn's mother...The Sultress!

    The Sultress was an ambitious sorceress bent on gaining ultimate power. During this search, she came into contact with King Hsss who told her of a spell that would allow her to steal power from the Council of Elders. What was required was an heir to sacrifice as part of the ritual. They made a deal that King Hsss would provide her with the ritual if she agreed to help him and use that power to defeat the Council. Sultress eagerly agreed.

    Sultress managed to seduce Nickolas Powers and become pregnant. What the Sultress didn't realize was that she was being used as a pawn by King Hsss to get the Eye of Serpos. Once Evelyn was born and Sultress brought her to King Hsss to perform the rite, Sultress was killed by the Snake Men and baby Evelyn was taken hostage and held ransom for the Eye of Serpos, which Nikolas turned over to King Hsss for her safe return. This ended in tragedy anyway, as Zalesia was destroyed and the Council turned Nikolas into the Faceless one for his actions.

    Anyway, that's my take. What's yours?
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