View Poll Results: Should Battleground Evil-Lyn be repainted to Filmation accurate colors?

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  • Yes, repaint her as Filmation accurate Evil-Lyn! And hurry up!

    30 31.91%
  • No, Iīm fine with the Hybrid. I donīt need/want a new sculpted 200x Evil-Lyn (please explain why)

    38 40.43%
  • No, I donīt need/want a Filmation Evil-Lyn

    26 27.66%
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Thread: Should Battle Ground Evil-Lyn be repainted to Filmation colors instead of MYP colors?

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    I voted for the second option (no. I am fine with the figure showed at SDCC).
    Just my opinion: I do not know why you call it a 'hybrid'. Both MOTUC Evil-Lyn figures are based on the two 200X Evil-Lyn stactions. This is exactly what I wanted Mattel/4H to do - this is 200X Evil-Lyn for me. The outfit with ram-horns around the breasts looks much better (IMO) than the one in MYP cartoon despite the fact that Faceless One uses the same theme on his outfit. The ram-horns look more barbaric, sexy and make Evil-Lyn really look like 'Evil warrior goddess'.

    But I like repaints in MOTU in general (if the repaint gives sense or is creative) so if they do another repaint of Evil-Lyn I will buy it. But what I would really like to see is MOTUC Evil-Lyn with the outfit from the MOTU 1987movie.

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    I'm not terribly interested in a Filmation version of EL. What we're getting with BG EL is perfectly fine with me.
    I can understand fan's frustrations with her, but for me all I wanted for EL was a helmetless head and flesh coloured skin tone. With BG EL I'm getting that, so that's enough for me.

    Will I buy a 200x EL down the road? Sure, why not. But it's no longer a must-buy since for me BG EL is close enough.

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    BG Evil-Lyn is very nice, never liked Ye-lo-Lyn, even as a kid. The greyish skin color, and the black and dark purple of BGEL looks really good, and I love the helmetless head addition, and the cape, she really needed that cape. Now she is no longer the lost Simpsons sister!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CicconeSC View Post
    So here are things that were lied about regarding BG Evil Lyn:

    1. All females after Catra would have female buck 2.0
    2. Quarterly variants once the subscription was introduced would not be repaints, they would be allowed as much tooling as a monthly figure.
    3. TG stated 200X would not be a repaint.

    So since she was to have the new female buck, doing a vintage inspired 200X type of outfit would have been the correct way to go.

    ToyGuru did state all females after Catra would contain the new buck introduced with BG Teela. Queen Marlena was an exception because she was already completed.
    I can't speak to that. But what I can say is...

    1) I agree that she should have had the 2.0 buck. But that's not 200x related.

    2) As for point two, never saw that. Not saying it wasn't said somewhere, just that I wasnt aware of that, and frankly if a character is just a repaint with some part swaps, if it works, that's fine. So if we were lied too, that does suck, but I missed it, and in this case, even if she could have more tooling doesnt mean anything is wrong because she only got a new head and cape tooling. This point isnt 200x related.

    3) did he? Cool, yet again I missed this. But even so, as a matter of fact, Toyguru didnt lie. It's not a repaint. There's a part swap (hand) and new tooling (prementioned cape and extra head) so I dont see that anyone lied. This ist 200x related.

    Basically, the points, though I dont remember them being said, ect, not only arent true beyond she really should have had the 2.0 buck (and for all we know she does under that dress, heheh,) but that it's not exclusively any reason for being 200x related. People wanted it, and I get that, but they never suggested we were getting what people thought, and they certainly didnt "lie" about almost anything in regards to her.

    This issue about her being 200x related is less about Mattel and more about certain vocal people's reasonable but ultimately overly assumed expectations.

    Sorry there is so much dissatisfaction from a certain minority, but Mattel certainly didnt lie and the figure certainly meets almost all requirements of anything stated.


    And just to be more specific, anyone who thinks we need a "Filmation" Evil lyn is on the same overly specific trip that the 200x crowd is on, only moreso. BG Evillyn is an even better filmation Lyn than a 200x lyn.

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Figures always get better in the toy business. The Batman made today would be better than the Batman that they made 4 years ago. He-Man is no different.

    I feel the opposite of the way you do. I would love to only buy figures once because they "got it right" the first time, but sometimes it takes subsequent tries to "get it right". Sometimes this is due to Mattel misinterpreting the fans desires, ideas that seem good in meetings but are terrible once made, quality control or a limited budget.

    I'm paying good money for these figures--by all means, make those figures better.

    Just make such figures non-subscription and optional, so that fans who were already pleased are spared a re-purchase.

    Fair enough. I can go with that. I was going to say "Fine, but not in the same line" but I realized that was not only not correct in a normal buisness model, but that what I ment to say was "Sure, in a retail line, but not in this limited fan line".

    But with what you said, I get it, and can agree. But if yet another lyn came at the expense of something better, which to me would be almost anything, I'd say skip it. Give me a varient more in need of making.

    I will add that I'd rather they make that more specifically 200x Lyn than nearly all of those really esoteric one panel or one episode back up characters people are touting, because it's fun to do so and show off their rare character that has a name knowledge. This doesnt count Icer or Strongarm, ect, but like Tug of war Guy, or freaking villager with a name 2, ect.
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    No, the hybrid was fine. Because I think 200X is getting too much attention, as it is.

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