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Thread: The Official Snake Men Alliance Evil-Lyn Thread

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    The Official Snake Men Alliance Evil-Lyn Thread

    This is my proposal for a new Evil-Lyn variant down the line.

    THIS Evil-Lyn. This is the time where she teamed up with Rattlor and Kobra Khan to get Zodak's staff to free King Hsss. In canon with the bios and well known to fans.

    I propose that this "Snake Men Alliance Evil-Lyn" is similar to She-Ra 2.0, a totally optional non-sub figure where getting both versions makes the ULTIMATE 200X Evil-Lyn figure. Snake Men Alliance Evil-Lyn would be the exact same figure as Battleground Evil-Lyn 1.0, but would have these differences:

    • Removable Snow Cloak (instead of Filmation Cloak)
    • Snow Cloak Hood alternate head (instead of Unhelmeted Head)
    • 200X PURPLE leotard and skirt with waist swivel which matches the Faceless One (instead of the Teela leotard parts re-use) like the picture below:

    • Optional Accessories: MVC's Shard of Darkness instead of Knife

    Otherwise it could come with the same helmeted Evil-Lyn head, same knife and same staff. To get her unhelmeted head, fans would still need to get Battleground Evil-Lyn.

    This future variant preserves all the good stuff that Battleground Evil-Lyn brought to the table while bringing us something new (and in CANON) to the table. Instead of fighting the fans of Battleground Evil-Lyn, Toyguru and the Four Horsemen, why not create an optional non-sub variant that works along with them?

    So I open this up for discussion among ALL fans. No vitriol, no name calling or bad blood between warring .org factions here. Battleground Lyn is here to stay and we don't want to change that. This is a look to the future.

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