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Thread: MINI-COMIC INTERVIEW - CBR talks to Tim Seeley

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    Who is the guy between Sy-Klone and MEF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gracie View Post
    I spell it Grayskull like most, but it is written "Greyskull" on the map in the ep. The Shaping Staff, so I don't fault others on it. It tells me that their exposure was mostly to Filmation. ( The map is at 2:34, if you want to jump ahead)
    I never had gotten the impression, that people who saw that one brief moment in the episode, would draw
    their spelling-manner for the Castle. (it's more common that it's a British vs American style)
    Besides, in the title-cards Filmation didn't make the mistake, but spellt it as GrAyskull

    Personally I write it as Castle Grayskull. Because that's how it's written in Grayskull's box-art, and all the copyright-texts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn29 View Post
    I think it's predictable and unoriginal. It's a common thing in comics today to turn heroes into villains and pit them against one another.

    Do we need Man-At-Arms to be a villain when we've got Skeletor, King Hsss, Hordak, Marzo, the snakemen, Horde, the evil mutants, etc?

    I'm sure he'll be back to normal at the end of the story. I'm sure I'll love the min-comic. But I hate the idea of Man-At-Arms being a bad guy. It's apparently a fetish with Motu writers.

    It was going to happen in the 200x series for quite a long time if I remember correctly. Jack Olesker from NA was going to do it too. In his case it was going to be a heck of a lot worse than Man-At-Arms being a snakeman. He was just going to turn evil.

    I will say that if Man-At-Arms is going to be a bad guy, being a snakeman is the way to go. It's just not an idea that appeals to me personally.

    The rest of comic looks great though.
    Well today no stories are truly original just told in different ways war of the worlds and independence day come to mind. Man-At-Arms becoming a snakeman is something mattel have wanted to to do. Imagine the emotion Adam will have to go through to fight a respected friend one of a few that know he's He-Man.

    What I want to know - is man-at-arms a mindless snakeman or does he have the all the skill and knowledge he had as a human? will king hsss find out adam is he-man?? if he does will he use this to his advantage?

    Yes we've had this with Spider-Man and Batman but they're stories that work and people do enjoy them.

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    MOTUC is awesome but coming back of the Comics is great!!!!!!
    Special why i want ask of the missed 2 Comics from PoG and 1 houre befor i want ask I see the Video Clip with ToyGuru from SDCC

    --- MOTUC need now General Darius --- Darius as MOTUC Topic

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    this is probably the main reason I want to get the sub this year. I love that Eric Powell did the covers He is by far one of my top favorite comic artists and writers.


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    Sorry to ask a favor, but would somebody who has this comic mind posting a list of the characters shown please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mk476 View Post
    Sorry to ask a favor, but would somebody who has this comic mind posting a list of the characters shown please?
    King Miro
    King Randor
    Clamp Champ
    He-Man/Preternia Disguised He-Man/Prince Adam
    Tyranasaurus Rex
    King Hsss
    Tongue Lashor
    Random Snake Warriors
    A Horde Trooper
    Snake Man-at-Arms
    Teela (as the new Sorceress)
    Battle Cat

    The Eternian Towers are also shown, as well as the inside of Castle Grayskull.

    Pretty sure that's it.
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    Thanks a lot RockinHard. I'm so excited to read this comic someday.

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    Some spoilers, beware

    One reason why we get the two variant spellings of Greyskull/Grayskull are simply the differences in the English language. For example, in Britain and Canada, it is spelled "Grey", while in the U.S it is proper to spell it "Gray". Just I'd throw that little tidbit out there.

    Now, back to the mini-comic, which I love, but I think it asks more questions for me than it answers (which any good comic will do, so kudo's on that one). Things like just how Skeletor managed to become ruler of Eternia in the first place? Also, how do you suppose Skeletor got passed the Sorceress and through the portal to Preternia? Do you think he managed to sneak by? Did he piggyback on it with one of his own portals? Or did he sneak-attack the Sorceress, and then jump into the portal?

    So many questions, and those are only the ones on the tip of my tongue, but I absolutely love it! Great job on this comic Scott, you've really got many of us reading, and re-reading this wonderful little comic!
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