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Thread: Spirit: What would YOU want to see?

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    Spirit: What would YOU want to see?

    Ok, so it's obvious that Swift Wind cannot change into Spirit. Which is fine, because Battle Cat can't change into Cringer.

    So the question is, what can they do to Spirit to make him a must-have, instead of just a plain white horse?

    Sure, he'd have a new head sculpt or something for that little headband thing. And of course a new saddle. But what else?

    I'd say this would be a good place to give us Kowl, or maybe even Loo-Kee.

    Any other ideas?
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    Yes I agree either Kowl or Loo Kee!

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    Joel, LooKee, Twiggets... Something! Yes, he should have a bare body with a headband added to his noggin. Also, his wing holes MUST be filled in!

    Bring on Spirit! Swifty looks great though.
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    Spirit with Arrow two pack!

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    I like the Twiggets idea. I really want the 3 of them but it's going to be tough to find a good way to release them.

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    I don't really see Spirit as a 'must have' character, so if they don't pack SOMEHTHING with him... I'll never pick him up.

    I'd hate to see him get the 'FAKER' treatment. Same figure, same sword, Same price, Missing half the accessories.

    That REALLY annoyed when the line started.

    A Swiftwind with no mask/wings/saddle but the same price is NOT something i'll buy.

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