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Thread: petition: Please use illustrations rather than photos for the card backs in HATMOTU

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    petition: Please use illustrations rather than photos for the card backs in HATMOTU

    Original MOTU was all about this powerful illustration, so I hated when I first got my first MOTUC figure and I notice no illustrations in my card back.

    Who else is with me on this?

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    Yes yes yes yes

    That's one thing action figure packaging is missing that I loved about the vintage lines. The awesome card art illustrations of the character. Super powers were the best but marvel superheroes, GI Joe, MASK The 70s Megos rocked with the art on front of packaging and vintage motu I loved the cardbacks with the art at the top featuring the figure and then others that were released then the left side of back explaining how the action feature worked. I'd love to see the filmation character art from the cartoon on the packaging
    Still wanting to buy one more Point Dread Teela PM

    please release accurate Filmation of-- tri klops, merman, fisto, roboto, kobra khan, hordak, grizzlor, mantenna. Leech, entrapta, teela, spikor, buzz off, whiplash, webstor, prince adam, rattlor, tung lashor, mekaneck, man at arms, sorceress, jitsu, ram man, man e faces, frosta, bow and perfuma.

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    Yes, absolutely, 100%
    I would love to see more illustrations on the packaging, there are so many talented artists working on this brand, put that talent to use!
    I know it's likely a cost thing, but it would be great to see.
    I am an illustrator, please check out my work:

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    Yes, more art fewer photos please

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    I'm cool with either, but I do like seeing the photos of the actual MOTUC figures on the backs of cards, especially when we get to see a 4H prototype.

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