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Thread: Ferros, Repta, and Rachney 3 pack in MOTUC

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    i´m not too sure a $60 multi pack would go down well for something so obscure; but they'd make good classics figures.

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    No I dont want these specifically, but if they were an army builder in addition to the Horde Troopers, able with extra heads and such, that'd be cool. And yes, I would want their bodies to be the same buck system, no unique sculpts for these guys.

    And more to the point on this topic, no I dont think in any case they should be a 3 pack. 2 pack with alot of parts. Not these characters specifically, but generic soldiers who could be creating any of them, similar to how Black Guardsman isnt Clamp Champ specifically (though he totally is for me, hehehe)

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    Neat but ultimately unnecessary to my collection. I'd buy if they were made of course!
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    I'm a newbie here and just started collecting the MOTUC figures and I think these would be a fun addition to my collection. I like the idea of one body and three interchangeable heads.

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    I would love a three pack of these guys rather than those accursed Star Sisters. Individual releases would be good too. I deff want them in my Horde, have since I was a child. Them and Batros!

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