Dear Mattel,

I have read and understood that you're not planning on making any changes to the sculpts of the figures and vehicles shown at SDCC:

3: All of the figures revealed at SDCC are final sculpts. By the time you are seeing them, we are past the point of making any actual sculpt changes!
...however, I would really like you to reconsider in the case of Swift Wind. You have gone to great lengths to make all of the figures in this MOTUC line include some kind of extra feature, and the fans have appreciated it. Whether it's an extra head sculpt for Bow, or even making all of Battle Cat's armor removable like the vintage figure, it's shown that you're willing to give your customers something extra for their money, considering the higher price point on these figures.

Beautiful as Swift Wind is, many people have noticed that his "collar" piece does not come off. If your goal was to make a Swift Wind figure and then later sell a Spirit figure with a different sculpt, one can't help but wonder why the mask, wings and saddle were made to come off the figure. The collar is the only piece left that keeps this horse from looking...well, like a normal horse. Yes, removing the wings will leave two holes on either side of the figure, but I think we're willing to overlook that. Making this collar removable is the last touch the toy needs to be as "transformable" as his vintage counterpart. Plus, if you plan on releasing other horses down the line, chances are you'll be needing a collar-free sculpt anyway. Why not make the change now, and include a slip-on collar for Swift Wind?

There has also been a LOT of talk about Swifty's "wind-blown" hair. I like the idea more than the execution. Something a little tamer perhaps would have yielded better results. Though it's clear you don't give the 4Horsemen critiques on their work, surely you must agree that it's hard to imagine this horse perched on someone's shelf looking like there's an invisible fan blowing air directly at his face and nowhere else. Plus, I doubt you'd want future horses (especially Arrow, who doesn't fly) looking like this. Why not take the time to tweak the hair now?

Lastly, as you well know, Filmation Spirit comes with a "crown" of sorts that fits around his ears and forehead. You've already made this horse's mask removable - why not include the Spirit crown? Fans are ready and willing to buy a "Royal Swiftwind" in the style of the vintage figure, so you don't have to try and save Spirit for later just to get more use out of the mold. As it is, you can later make Arrow, Royal Swiftwind and possibly even Frosta's horse, should you so wish.

Why not make Swift Wind perfect? Without knowing the time and cost it would take to make these changes, I can tell you that as someone who hasn't yet purchased a MOTUC figure, fixing him in this way would convince me to invest in this line. After seeing that you had the Filmation rights, I was really looking forward to making Swifty my first purchase. For 30 dollars plus shipping though, I'd like this figure to have that same kind of attention to detail that makes so many other fans so loyal and enthused about this line. As it stands, Swifty really doesn't come with any real bonuses. Being able to half-change him into Spirit isn't a special feature and just makes him seem half-finished, especially since you're likely going to end up changing or tweaking the sculpt in the future.

Do so now instead. Fans like myself will certainly support your efforts to make this guy all he can be!

Sincere thanks,

If you agree with this plea, please add your voice to mine!