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I hate to say it...but the rest of the horses are a pass for me...(aside for Arrow...maybe). I also fear that we're going to get bombed with horses now that the tooling has been done.

Unless they are each unique (in more than a mane and tail), it'll look like I'm collecting horses and not MOTUC.

I'm happy with Swiftwind being a unique "being" in my MOTUC (That being said, if Arrow wasn't a Pegasus...I'd be happier...because Swifty would be unique.)
LOL! Believe it or not, being as huge a POP fan as I am a MOTU fan, I totally agree with this. Not that I don't want everyone to get the toy they want. However, I would probably only display Swift Wind and maybe Arrow. I don't need a huge horse collection nor do I even have the room for all these winged horses, lol.

But, being a completist, I'll buy every horse they put out.