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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread August 2011

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    Even to do a presale would requite a lot of design work to figure out how big it is, how does it fit together, does it have any working parts? etc... We can't just say "we're going to do a $300.00 CG, who wants to buy one!"

    If we asked for $200-$300 dollars fans would want to know details about what they would be getting for this price and to get "there" it would take mucho design work, even if we saved on tooling by waiting for a presale.
    Anyone else find this extremely hypocritical when you compare the same concept to buying a subscription without knowing all the little details about which figures, which accessories, and what paint schemes they would be released as?

    I don't know why I continue to read these Q&A's when all they're ever filled with are redundant questions responded to with redundant answers =/
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