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Thread: AFA 80 Moss Man, Hordak, Leech & Mantenna FS

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    AFA 80 Moss Man, Hordak, Leech & Mantenna FS


    Hey guys. Selling some of my AFA figures.
    For sale are Moss Man, Hordak, Leech & Mantenna. They are all in super nice case fresh condition and I know for a fact when I bought them that Moss Man & Leech were pulled from a sealed case. All the bubbles are clear. If you're looking to upgrade your current figures, look no further.

    I sell worldwide. Shipping, delivery confirmation and insurance will be added later.
    - manetoys

    Moss Man $375 or best offer
    Hordak $275 or best offer
    Leech $250 or best offer
    Mantenna $250 or best offer

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