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Thread: Comic Conversation with Eric Treadaway Parts 1 and 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reboot View Post
    While I'd certain prefer to see Filmation-only designs, I accept they're not quite going to be, but that's a different matter from changing the colour of Angella's wings or swapping the collars of her and Glimmer! Everything that's been said suggests they're going to keep to the Filmation designs with toy-based *details* (meaning some embossing, not reengineering or recolouring the whole design to be more toylike ala plenty of examples in that that picture. ET even said they went too far with the detailing on Bow.)
    That's because they 200Xified Bow: stylized, never before seen crown and belt buckle and NA He-Man's bracelets and boots (for starters). If you want to talk about "wrong" designs. MOTUC Bow is a "wrong" design because most of his design is new stuff never before seen.

    Also, you're doing it again Reboot. There is no "changing the colour of wings and swapping of collars." Her wings ARE pink, she has no collar. Glimmer has a collar. Those are toy designs. Toy designs, Filmation designs, etc. are all "correct." If you don't like a design, that's totally alright. Everyone has personal tastes. As a person who likes to correct people when they are wrong, you should appreciate it's not factually correct to say a design/colour is "wrong" when it is a classic design. Come on now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Whiplash7 View Post
    How is she any different than Keldor?
    Keldor: new boots (2 pieces), head, acid vile, cape = 5 new tools. BG Evil-Lyn = 2.

    No matter what example anyone gives (outside of the ToysRUs two packs, Zodak and the Goddess), the regular amount of new tooling pieces is 4 pieces. BG Evil-Lyn has 2.
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