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Thread: the official 'We want Adora and Teela 2.0. with 2-piece outfit & twist waist' thread!

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    I know I'd rather have a Teela 2.0 than the old Teela (which I don't yet have because I've been waiting and waiting for a reissue). I think maybe it would be worth asking Toyguru if the 200X Teela variant would use the 2.0 female buck, in which case that's the most likely way we'll get a fixed Teela, or if they will make a teen female buck, in which case we'd have to campaign for a new vintage Teela variant of some sort.

    Maybe they could justify it by making Teela's minicomic unicorn and then releasing a 2.0 buck minicomic Teela that can ride it? It worked with She-Ra...
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    Adora 2.0, Teela 2.0, Evil-Lyn 2.0

    This is my approach to Adora v2, Teela v2, and Evil-Lyn v2:

    They need to be variants, otherwise released as a two-pack, but I reserve two packs for repaints and fixes on the order of King Hsss or Roboto.

    Swift Wind can’t become Spirit, so with his release comes Adora v2.0

    Adora v2: “Horde Force Captain Adora”
    New buck/waist articulation.
    Force Captain armor that drapes over her regular outfit OR can change outfits a la Captain Glenn.
    New head: she has her style guide long hair, like She-Ra with her tiara removed, as it was mentioned previously.
    -Horde Armor
    -Horde shin guards
    -Silver vintage toy Sword of Protection
    -Horde crossbow (wrist crossbow?)
    -Horde shield (maybe clip-on weapons for Filmation Hordak exclusively available with Force Captain Adora)

    Teela’s horse/unicorn Charger requires a Teela v2.0 to ride him:

    Teela v2: “Warrior/Goddess Teela”
    New buck/waist articulation.
    Outfit styled like the vintage toy.
    Her boots are redder.
    Waist articulation.
    She has the Catra open /”spellcasting” left hand.
    -Shield repainted in white with gold accents (mini-comic version)
    -Staff of Ka repainted maroon with maroon metal accents (like the vintage toy to match the v1 maroon shield)
    -cobra armor (MINUS the cobra head helmet, sits on her collar, straps over her shoulders/traps)
    -Head 1: default (Filmation, original, blonde, all-new…let the fans decide)
    -Head 2: Head wearing the Cobra Helmet! That was the one big facepalm I had about the MOTUC Teela. The helmet and the armor should have NEVER been one piece. Teela with cobra armor moved freely at the neck! The mini-comic clearly illustrated this, but the Horsemen went with the limited toy design; one of their few missteps. This Teela would fix this glaring issue.
    -Though not necessary, a shortsword and sheath would be nice.

    Evil-Lyn merely benefits from Teela’s new pieces:

    Evil Lyn v2: "Magic Mistress Evil-Lyn"
    New buck/waist articulation.
    Outfit styled like the vintage toy/Teela’s toy
    The dark blue parts or her outfit are now dark purple.
    She has paler/maize-colored skin, like Filmation/cross-sell marketing.
    Waist articulation.
    She has the Catra open /”spellcasting” left hand.
    -Short wand in purple and sky blue
    -Long staff reproduced from the original Evil-Lyn v1 cardback design, before the redesign to remove the crystal.
    -Cape that snaps into tabs underneath her shoulder straps near her breastplate on either side.
    -Podium and openable/closeable spellbook (reuse for Eldor and Castaspella)
    -Two heads: default toy head and one without helmet (repainted from ELv1 and BGEL).
    If I would recommend a different head for Evil-Lyn v2, I would say one of her sneering confidently, one expression of hers that packs attitude.

    These three definitely merit revisiting. They can add elements of the old toy, include pieces that refresh and add to the originals, and fix the issues the prior releases had. What has been great about She-Ra 2.0 is the ability to keep her as it is, or mix-and-match to create your ultimate version. All v2.0 figures need to be tackled in the same exact way, making both versions relevant by not reproducing the parts that made the original toy look good and doesn’t need changing.

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    i would love a teela 2.0
    i in full support for the teela.
    not for adora though

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