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Thread: what can I do concerning harassment from a crazy person?

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    what can I do concerning harassment from a crazy person?

    Some years back, I was working on a custom action figure, and a certain individual supposedly posted a tip or whatever, which I never even saw. Said individual gets incredibly upset because I didn't use his "advice", I guess he felt personally snubbed, and begins e-stalking me. This person basically spat on me endlessly, and got further upset when I didn't accept some bogus apology letter he emailed me(which he later admitted to was a lie). Since then, this individual has obsessed over me, has impersonated me on various forums, and is now signing me up for various spam email lists. I firmly believe this man to be insane and possibly dangerous, not only from his actions towards me, but due to various other things I have learned about this individual since then. Are there any authorities I can get in touch with? I do firmly believe this person would cause me physical injury if he were given the chance, and would potentially be insane enough to try and gain my personal information somehow and make the trip to try and do just that. I once tried to work out this issue with the individual but it became quickly apparent that he does not wish that. I know this person is continuing to stalk my online behavior, as I have purposely left small "bread crumb" bits and clues to see if this person would mention them.

    As much as I'd like to contact the local police I do not believe they will do anything for "online harassment".

    Thankfully I have never had cause to give my home address out online. Packages I purchase through forums and eBay are shipped to someone else's house, as this was more convenient than paying for a PO box, though I suppose if this person ever gets that information he would show up at their house. This individual has me concerned now of a possibility of this escalating beyond online "trolling". This is not the first such person I've had to deal with online- I grew to hate Sonic The Hedgehog in part because much of that fanbase is disturbed, though this is the first case where I feel the person in question would actually do something. This person is also a strong part of another fanbase I've had a falling out with.
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    I have to be honest with you, the fact that you found a psycho in the Sonic The Hedgehog community doesn't surprise me at all. Some of the most obsessed, immature anime fans I've met, hide crazy under their plushie collection!

    The truth is, any community online has the potential to have these people. We all take that risk when we post, and especially when we do an action figure trade. I've been lucky that so far the people I've dealt with have been nice.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. This guy sounds like a really sad individual. E-mail spam lists and mean messages online is without a doubt the worst he can do to you. He doesn't have the power, resources or finances to do anything more. Just ignore it.

    Also, the fact that this person is a member of another online community you are no longer a part of, could be a sign that maybe you need to just step away from the Internet. When anything that happens online directly affects you in real life, chances are you've let it go too far.

    The Internet is a fun distraction, but it matters not in life.
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    I would still check in with the authorities. If they do check this person out, they might be able to tie the individual to one or crimes. Or they might come to the conclusion that the individual is too unstable to be walking around.

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    There are new laws pertaining to online harassment being written all the time because of stuff like this. The authorities might be able to do something. In any case, I would be very careful as you never know what a disturbed individual might do. In my calling, we get to meet some very interesting characters and they don't always play nice. I haven't personally experienced this but my mentor in pastoral ministry got stalked several times. Not fun.

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    wouldn't like to be on your place :/

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