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Thread: Happy Fathers Day

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    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads on here, I am going to take my sons (3) to see how to train your dragon part 2 and we are hitting my buddies toy store to get something to add to the collection! Its our big day guys!!!

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    Way to go stormtripper!
    The funny thing during Father's Day recently was that I didn't buy anything to my dad but I wish I could do so.
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    I had a great first father's day. We had a breakfast at church, then my wife, daughter, and I went to a local Asian buffet for lunch and spent the rest of the day just hanging around the house. I got a card from my daugther (she's pretty decent at picking out cards and signing them for being only 9 months old ) and we sat around reading together a good bit!
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