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Thread: MOTUC Colonel Blast support thread!

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    For sure! The Horde needs more members, this would be a great choice. Would share a lot of parts with Rio.....

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    I think it would be cool if they just give us heads.
    like General Sundar & Colonel Blast. then we can simply put them on our horde trooper body.
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    If they made him I would like him in my collection, and if they did him before Rio-Blast that would give them the parts for RIO!!!!!

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    For a character who isn't in one episode for very long, he's pretty cool. I'd take his character over Rio Blast in a heartbeat.

    I think the 4H would be able to do awesome things with this character.

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    Don't forget to vote for Colonel Blast in the poll 17!!!
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    Yes, I'd like him in the line. Voted for him high on the Character Selections poll too.
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    Eh, I wouldn't mind having a figure made of this guy, hopefully the 4H would tweak the design a bit.

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    I find his design a bit dull TBH. I wouldn't mind him in the line, but not till after we've got the likes of Vultak, Dylamug, Hunga and Granita. They're far more frequently requested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpia View Post
    I find his design a bit dull TBH. I wouldn't mind him in the line, but not till after we've got the likes of Vultak, Dylamug, Hunga and Granita. They're far more frequently requested.
    I couldn'tt agree more.
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    As Colonel Blast was based on early concepts for Rio Blast, could you guys see the MOTUC Bio's making them the same character.
    Hordak is known for kidnapping people and transforming them such as Snout Spout, Extendar, Dragstor. I think it could be cool if in the bio's Hordak kidnapped Rio Blast at one point and transform him in to Colonel Blast?
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