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You know, If Filmation could, they would have made the character designs more realistic to the toys and included more details so they would have looked more like the toys.

The only reason why they had less detail was because animation back in the day was very expensive. Filmation had to make a lot of cut-backs in detail and styles. This is why He-man didn't have his squares in his chest harness.
Exactly! It's not like they were lazy--quite the opposite! Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but He-Man was the first animated series to do 5 new episodes a week when before that any other show only had one new one per week, like a regular TV show. So of course they had to cut back on detail in order to fill such a large order, but the fact that they didn't WANT to do that is proven by the pre-cartoon series commercials they did for the toys where everything is MUCH more detailed and toy-accurate.