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Thread: Returning After Almost 11 Months ! So How's It Going With Super 7 ??

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    Returning After Almost 11 Months ! So How's It Going With Super 7 ??

    Hey Guys !

    Hope all of you are doing fine & I hope I am not forgotten here completely ! FYI, I was very active here in the org until last December, that is up to Matty Collector's regime. Not that I left on purpose, but coincidently, I was tied up with loads of official over seas commitments. I had been in & out of my country on multiple times, which led me to get disconnected with the community completely ! Though, I was fortunate enough to make some final orders from Matty Collector & some other non MOTU figures for my son, with the help of MGM & Shecky (THANK YOU SO MUCH BUDDIES ! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !!) & pre order Club Grayskull wave 1 figures from S7, I was totally in Despondos situation as I wasn't aware about the on goings of CC & CG lines.

    When I left the org, I knew most of you were glad that Matty C was done & S7 stepping in ! So I just wanted to know if S7 was able to pass your expectations or not ? Were they able to overcome Matty Collector's weird CS operations ? Are you guys happy with S7 Or missing the good ol Matty Collector ?

    NOTE : This post is no way to spit negative shades on the past & future offerings from both companies. I just wanted to know how the community feels in general right now since I missed the party for the last 11 months or so.
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    ...From a purely Objective perspective, I would say it's a mostly positive, borderline mixed bag, lol! Super 7 clearly means well and has apparently the best of intentions, but production and manufacturing snafus have been dogging them almost since the onset! Wave 1 is still being waited on, Wave 2 is underperforming for pre-orders, but Super 7 has extended the buy-in until Wave 1 is in-hand, which is nice of them! The Power-Con exclusives look great, but some folks have quality-issues... The Ultimates came out pretty much fine!
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    Welcome back!

    There are four threads out there you can review in regards to Super 7 so I will close this thread.

    Wave 1
    Power-Con 3 Pack
    Wave 2
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    mikethedrummer's feedback thread:

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