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Vultak would look so cool in the MOTUC style. I can picture the 4H magic on Vultak's evil, leering face. Good call on the potential re-use with Angella, Hunga and the Harpies, guys. I love the DCUC Hawkman wings, so that style, but a little larger would work for me in MOTUC. He could re-use Skeletor feet, but I think it would be cool if he got some even more bird like clawed feet.

What weapons/accessories are you looking for with Vultak? He doesn't have any iconic ones from what I can recall in that she-ra episode. Maybe this could be a good figure to come with Kowl? For some reason I feel like a net and a trident would be a good set of weapons for this guy.
i totally agree on the parts reuse. I was thinking maybe a Horde cross bow and a net but i do kind of like the trident idea as well. I would say no to Kowl though maybe Imp.