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Thread: Calix in MOTUC

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    I would be happy to buy CALIX. He would really be a sharp looking figure.
    Odd Man Out

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    As with almost all of you here on the ORG., I want him, but to be truthful he was not a rock person as with Granita, Rockon, and Stonedar! He was A being like MossMan, a Elemental Being that actually was killed by Hordak becuase he knew of his betrayal. Hordak did not know that he could not destroy him in truth, as Calix is a Elemental Being he would be rebourn again and again! So for those who thought him dead and gone, does magic truely die, I ask you, can the Cosmos just simply dissapaite or dissappear!

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    I'm in for a Calix in MOTUC. He would look great next to the other Horde members.
    My top 5 wants for MOTUC: Sharella, Hunga the Harpy, Sagitar, Snake Goddess & Red Beast

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    I'm thinking that Calix may be the owner of the white Horde crossbow, one of the next hordesmen revealed and use the Ram Man buck... would be awesome.
    Top MOTUC wants: Sagitar, Great Black Wizard, Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors, Odiphus, Illumina w/Sleetah, Lady Slither, Tuvar & Baddrah 2-pack, "new" characters as designed by Axor (Axel)

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    Would love to see him use the bulkier bucks such as ram man/ Leech. I really sizable Calix would be awesome.

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